Guy Accepts Accidental Bachelor Party Invite From A Stranger And Hilarity Ensues


When it comes to wedding preparations, most of the attention is focused on the bride and groom… unless Will Novak is invited to the groom’s bachelor party. Accidentally, that is.


Will Novak is living his best life, and the insanely hilarious tale of his accidental invite is being heard around the world- LITERALLY.

When the friends of Angelo (the groom) began to plan his bachelor party, they sent out a group email detailing the plans for his special weekend. There was one slight error, however, which has resulted in the best.story.ever. 

Will Novak of Arizona received the email -entitled “Angelo’s Bachelor Ski Party”- that was intended for a Will Novak from New York. Rather than merely dismiss it, Arizona Will decided to have some fun and to respond. As he told Phoenix news station Fox 10, 

I don’t know anyone in Vermont, I don’t know how to ski, I don’t know Angelo, but I thought, I’ll write back a silly email just to make these guys laugh.

And he wrote back, alright:

Photo Credit: Late Night With Seth Meyers

Now if this was a bachelorette party being planned, it may have ended right there. We girls on are TOP of shit like invite lists and email addresses. But the guys’ response to a stranger that is down to party with them:

Two days later, they respond back and they’re like, ‘we don’t know if you’re serious, but we’re serious. You better show up!

And THAT’S how this crazy train of hilarity got moving.

Once Will realized that this was, in fact, a legit invite now, he jumped aboard. But as a husband and new father, he didn’t want to spend the money it would take to fly cross-country to join the dudes in Vermont. 

That’s when the GoFundMe happened. And even that is pretty awesome:

Photo Credit: GoFundMe

Yup! “Help Me Go To The Bachelor Party Of A Stranger”. Pretty self-explanatory!

While Will originally set the goal amount at $750 to cover travel expenses, he edited the post shortly after, and this is where it gets pretty damn cool.

1/12/19 UPDATE: I just found out that the bachelor, Angelo, and his bride to be are expecting their 1st baby! It’s a bachelor party and a baby shower!

All funds raised beyond the $750 I need for the trip will go to Angelo for his baby college/food/toys/whatever the baby needs fund!

YASSSS. Will found out from the guys that Angelo was soon to be a father, & wanted to donate any additional money to Angelo’s future child. The money came pouring in; over $4K were raised for this brilliantly bizarre event!

But it STILL gets better…

The dudes had the good sense to at least ask Will for a picture of himself so that they could confirm that he was indeed who he claimed to be when he arrived.

No problem- Will was sure to send them a picture of himself:

Photo Credit: Late Night With Seth Meyer

His strategy for picking this fourth-grade karate picture of himself was solid; in his own words:

I have a keen training in second grade level martial arts, and if things go south, I feel I can defend myself.

Now THAT had me cackling, but what came next had me in full-blown snorts of joy: the guys loved Will’s picture so much that they had it printed onto shirts that were worn by the entire group of party attendees.

Photo Credits: Late Night With Seth Meyers

Will’s story starting gaining traction on social media, and since the ski weekend had an 80’s costume theme, he even displayed his attire while being interviewed by Fox 10:

Photo Credit: Fox 10 Phoenix

His story quickly gained lots of attention on social media, and it even began trending on Twitter under its own hashtag: #angelosbachelorparty.

All of the hooplah over it resulted in tons of cool freebies for Will & the guys- companies showered them with free ski lessons, free beef jerky, and free BEER. Lots of it!

And how did the actual weekend go? The guys had a blast, enjoying plenty of drinking and skiing, and Will finally got to meet “the real” Will Novak as well as the original guest of honor, Angelo the groom.

Will’s antics are making national headlines, with the story being covered by multiple media outlets… around the entire world. Yup, Will Novak’s story has reached the entire world, and it’s just the kind of fun, silly stuff we need to hear right about now. 



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