Mom’s Facebook Post Encourages Moms To Give Themselves A Break & To “Take The Girls’ Trip!”


Being a mother is truly one of the most amazing experiences that life has to offer… but there’s no denying that it’s very often an exhausting one, too. Motherhood requires a great deal of energy and effort and if we’re not careful, we moms are prone to pushing ourselves until we’re running on fumes.


Every mom not only deserves a break now & then, but needs one in order to stay sane.

Self-care is a concept that we often neglect when we’re in the midst of our family’s hectic routines. If we’re in our homes, we’re taking care of all.the.things.

Getting OUT of our homes is a key part to really taking a break- and it’s exactly why taking a girls’ trip can be so refreshing. 

One mom’s Facebook post reveals the joys of taking a girls’ trip with her fellow mom friends, and she urges other moms that they deserve one, too.

Meredith Ethington, author and creator of the popular blog Perfection Pending, had a fabulous weekend on a long-awaited girls’ trip with friends. The women meet in a city, rent a hotel room, and chill the hell out!

Some vacationers like the hustle-bustle of visiting famous tourist sites, checking out the hottest new restaurants, or dressing in their finest to hit the club. But not this crew!

These ladies make the most of their special weekend by slowing things down. And it’s absolutely wonderful.

Ethington describes the weekend’s typical agenda:

We get up to eat and then lay down again.

First of all, they get to EAT. Not a few hastily shoved-in bites, but an actual meal that is still hot, instead of growing cold as mom cuts up kid’s chicken, pours more milk, mops up the immediately spilled milk, etc. You know the drill.

Food is paramount on a girls’ weekend, of course. It could be take-out. Or room service. Or they occasionally chose to dine out.

It’s not the location of the food that matters as much as being able to eat the food without assisting a tiny human being to eat their food. So conversation about food is key:

We text each other memes and restaurant menus while we lay down in bed in the same room with each other…

(Friends that can appreciate your love of memes are worth their weight in GOLD!)

With no table to clear, no leftovers to pack away, and a full, happy belly, the next best thing to do is STOP MOVING! Yup, these moms get to eat & relax- a winning combo!

After putting on comfy clothes and taking bras off of course.

Stripping that bra off is like curling up in a warm, cozy blanket- it means “My work is done here!”

Granted, there aren’t any late nights of partying on this type of girls’ weekend, but who needs partying, anyway? We’re all so damn tired because, well, KIDS:

We fall asleep at 8:30 and wake up at 7 am because our kids messed us up that way.

The coolest part of that early bedtime? Sleeping straight through until 7am. We’re talking nearly ELEVEN hours of sleep, without a single, “Um, I peed in my bed, Mom.”!

Although there may be fun activities intertwined into this kind of girls’ weekend, it’s priceless to spend time with fellow mom friends because they GET it.

Moms get why you’re so tired, because you’re a MOM.

Moms understand why you want to crash on a comfy bed and text jokes to each other instead of pounding the city pavement…. because you just want to stop moving.

Fellow moms totally understand how gleeful you can feel when your kids call on FaceTime to say hi- while you’re genuinely thrilled to see their sweet faces & hear their precious voices, once they start to argue:

when those kids get in a fight on FaceTime we get to hang. Up. The. Phone. And let our husbands deal with it.

YASSSS! It can feel blissful to be off the hook for a brief moment, & to let the other adult figure handle the squabble.

A girls’ weekend with moms allows every woman the chance to unwind, to eat freely, sleep peacefully, and to sit like a bump on a log, just-not-moving, without judgement from her friends. 

And that’s the main goal of the trip: to bond, to laugh, and to be kind to themselves. As Meredith describes it:

when we vacation and get to be kid free, we crash.


And mom friends get it.

But the point of Ethington’s post wasn’t just to share her own fun, but to encourage other mothers to treat themselves to the same type of break.

She urges moms to “go on the girls’ trip that you’ve been talking about going on with your friends for years.”

Many of us dream about taking a fun trip with our friends; we talk about it wistfully, even attempt to plan it. And often we allow life to get in the way. The busyness of our families can quickly deter us from actually making a girls’ trip happen… so we push it off.

Often indefinitely.

But there’s a reason many moms feel perpetually exhausted. We often don’t allow ourselves the “luxury” of taking a break. We either feel self-imposed guilt over the idea of leaving our family, or it seems like too big of a hassle to try & make it happen.

Yep- it IS a lot of work to coordinate a girls’ weekend. There are a lot of plates that need spinning in order to get yourself out of your house for an entire weekend. Still, do it anyway!

But women need other women that get them in the way only other moms do.

You deserve time to unwind and decompress. And although you might get micro-moments of that in your home (I’d say in the bathroom, but kids often don’t respect that boundary, either!), getting a weekend away in the company of good friends is invaluable in recharging your depleted battery.

Simply put:

Take the girls’ trip. Because vacationing with other moms is the best.

And you deserve the BEST.


Take the girls’ trip. Because vacationing with other moms is the best. Basically here’s how it goes down.We meet up…

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. I recently went on a very much needed girls weekend. It had been years since I’ve had any break. I have a chronically ill husband and 4 small children. Not to mention an aging dog and young lab. I went for 3 days. I asked my husbands mom to make sure the meals I prepped where served and that the house wasn’t totally destroyed. When I got home, I hadn’t even gotten into the house before she told me that maybe I should leave for so long. My knee jerk reaction was “WTH?!” But I didn’t say anything because it wasn’t going to change my mind about making sure I did get these much needed breaks.

    I don’t think I’ll ask her to help next time.


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