10 Items to Send Your Kid Back to School in Style



Kids are going back to school this month and that means it’s time to hit the stores and prepare for the upcoming school year. Back-to-school shopping doesn’t need to be about boring pencils, plain college-ruled paper and lame highlighters. Kids want stylish, trendy and fun items to bring to school. Here are 10 back-to-school items that will put you on the cool-mom list.

  1. Color Coordinated Supplies – Get organized with your new color-coordinate supplies. Poppin sells items that come in 14 colors and four metallics so you can send you child off in style with all of their school supplies in matching colors.
  2. Padlock – It’s no surprise that kids may forget their locker combination from time to time. Don’t let your child panic because they can’t get their homework out of their locket. Wordlocks uses the alphabet instead of numbers so remembering the word to their lock will be a cinch.
  3. New Eyeglasses – If your high schooler wears glasses, they are probably looking for more trendy and stylish glasses to show off their personality. Ray-Ban is known for their popular sunglasses, but did you know they have eyeglasses as well? Let your child show off their true personality with Ray-Ban’s assortment of eyeglasses options.
  4. Graphic Pencil Pouches – Who needs boring pencil pouches when you can hold your highlighters in a unicorn? Selecting a writing utensil will now be a magical task. There are other fun cases your child can choose from as well like a cheeseburger, lips, and a few stylish options.
  5. Pretzel Erasers – Give your kid a fun way to erase their problems with these pretzel erasers that they can twist and knot in just about any way imaginable. Pretzel erasers come in fun colors like bright blue, pink, purple and green. You can find other fun and colorful school supplies from Yoobi as well.
  6. Smencils – Say goodbye to boring pencils. Smencils are pencils that smell. No, they don’t smell like graphite and wood like traditional pencils. These come in many different scents including jelly donut, watermelon and root beer. You can also find other scented products like Smens (pens), Smickers (stickers) and Smarkers (markers).
  7. Cute Earbuds – Headphone cords always get tangled, it’s a known fact; but it doesn’t have to be your child’s reality. Bunny Earbuds and Cord Wrapper is not only cute, but it’s functional. There will be no more time wasted untangling headphones. If a cute bunny wouldn’t appeal to your child, you can choose from a robot, owl and mustache.
  8. Fun USB Flash Drive – Bring out your child’s personality with these fun USB drives. Whether they’re interested in super heroes or a particular pop culture trend, these Mimobot USB drives will allow your child to save their data in style.
  9. Personalized Cases – Protect your child’s device from drops with this customized case. They can select their pattern or pictures to be printed on the case and it even has a slot for their school ID card on the back.
  10. Creative Jumbo Journals – Motivate your child to get creative at school with these Jumbo Journals. The notebooks are 150-pages, eco-friendly and have a creative image on the front. For each one purchased, one is donated to a child in need to improve literacy. You can feel good about sending your child to school prepared as well as helping another child in need.

Thanks to these trendy items you’re now fully prepared to send your child off to school in style. And you get to enjoy the new school year as the cool mom.

– By Jennifer Thayer

Jennifer Thayer is a technology writer who is passionate about exploring new ways technology can be used to make day-to-day tasks easier. Follow her on Twitter.


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