Living on the Fringe of Fashion – You Can Be Your Own Woman



In today’s world of fashion, it seems to be a time of anything goes. Of course you are limited to the styles that are carried at the local malls and shops around town, but why not add your own personal touches to your wardrobe? You may not be a seamstress but you can accessorize your outfits to give them a personal touch that is all ‘you.’ From your hairstyles to your jewelry and accessories, you can create a look that sets you apart from other women in your circle and who knows, you just might set a new trend! If you are tired of being the ‘same old same old’ then now is the time to make a move. Here are some pointers to give you direction; a place to start.

Taking Stock of What You’ve Got to Work With

The first thing you need to do is make an honest assessment of what you’ve got to work with. Each of us has been gifted with a physical makeup that is part of who we are. Some are tall while others are petite. Some women are well endowed while others are thinner than they’d like. Before setting out to create a new look, it’s important to make an honest assessment of what you’ve got to work with. Your look is going to emphasize your strong features. Once you’ve done this, you can begin drawing up the new you.

Style Is a Reflection of Who You Are

When you think about it, the clothes you wear are actually a reflection of who you are. There is a psychology to the fashions we wear that are an exterior statement to what we are feeling inside. For example, the traditional funeral attire is black. Why is that? Obviously it is because a life is lost and the bereaved are left with a hole in their hearts where once a life held a place of prominence. This can be said of the fashions you choose to wear.

If you want to create an ethereal aura lifestyle then your clothing will be flowing and breezy, your jewelry an eclectic mix of handcrafted artisan pieces and your accessories will give you an almost mystical appeal. The point is, create your new reality with the fashions you choose to wear. It can be done if you work with what you’ve got and define who you’d like to be.

The Importance of Color

As mentioned in the example of funeral attire, color is of prime importance when changing your look. Did you know there is a psychology to color and each color has a symbolic meaning? Most of us know that white is a sign of purity and black a sign of mourning. Red is obviously a color of great passion with purple being a sign of royalty. Have you ever thought about why people think you are a happy person or a deeply introspective personality? It could be a reflection of the colors you choose to wear and surround yourself with.

When defining a new you, take the time to think about what colors you look best in and then work from there to find the colors that express who you’d like others to see you as. Not only will you be amazed at the transformation in your look, but you will be delighted in the effect you have on those around you. If nothing more, look at it as an experiment in human psychology. Create a new look and then analyze the people you encounter. Many women actually make a hobby out of creating new looks just to amuse themselves with the reactions they get from those around them.

Who Says You Must Be a Conformist?

While it is always nice to see what the runway models are wearing this year and which designer is setting the stage for the season’s fashions, it is even nicer to be setting your own trends with your own special flair. There is nothing in the rule books that says you can’t be your own woman, wearing clothing that makes you feel great, look wonderful and gives you a special aura that no one else has. Of course you may not want to go too outlandish, but even so, if it pleases you – go for it!

Once you have reached a certain stage in life you no longer have anything to prove. Career women, working mothers or simply homemakers looking to create a new look really have no one to answer to but themselves. There may be a dress code at work, but when off the clock, you can be anyone you want to be so let the fun begin!


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