Mamas Struggle Too.


Mamas need love too…

After a long day, we all want a hand to hold and a subtle smile glancing our way,
encouraging us that all will be okay in this chaotic world filled with unknowns.



After a long day, we all want to rest our heads on fluffy billowing pillows, but only after our nightly ritual of goodnight kisses, reading books, singing lullabies, hugs, snuggles and sweet dream moments…

After a long day, no matter what stage of motherhood we are in, we all want the same thing.

A sweet kiss that whispers and reassures us we will get through another day…

even though the laundry is piling up,

dishes are still in the sink,

a broken shower head hasn’t been fixed,

hormonal siblings are fighting yet again,

and the baby is screaming as carrot baby food is flying through the air like confetti.

Our hearts ache some nights as we lay down to rest our heads.

Sometimes, us mamas are simply trying our best to keep our heads afloat,

to secure the loving smile on our face,

to always be the light for our kids,

to lead them, guide them and love them fiercely.

And you know what? Sometimes the struggle is real to keep this all going.

Mamas struggle too.

But I know one thing,

we are not weak,

we are not broken down,

we are not selfish.

We are often looking for a hand to hold,

a hand quietly offering silent comfort,

to comfort us in our weakness,

bathe us in kindness and

embrace us in love.

So tomorrow, we can begin the day refreshed,

with love in our hearts,

a smile on our face and

joy for the day upon us.

Mamas need love too…

Mamas need love too…After a long day, we all want a hand to holdand a subtle smile glancing our way, encouraging…

Posted by Hang in there mama by Ali Flynn on Monday, October 12, 2020


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