Mother’s Day Sucks For Some


Mother’s Day sucks for some women—some men, too.

Maybe someone lost their mother far too young.

Maybe someone can’t get pregnant.

Maybe someone’s wife can’t get pregnant.

Maybe someone lost their beloved child.

Maybe someone has a horrible relationship
with their own mother.

Maybe someone wants a child, but can’t find a worthy partner to share parenthood with.

As someone who almost lost her own mother, I can get some of this to a certain degree—but not really.

My mother is still with me. And I have two healthy children. But I’ve looked into friends’ glossy eyes because for some reason, they just can’t conceive. I’ve had phone calls with friends who miss their mother so much that it sends thunder to their stomachs—especially on Mother’s Day. All of this—it’s not fair.

To all of you who are going to have a sucky Mother’s Day, you are worthy.

Know that you are valued for everything that you are, not for what you aren’t. Know that you are valued for what you have, not for what you don’t.

Yes, many of us don’t understand the pain that Mother’s Day may bring to some of you but know that you are not invisible. You are appreciated and treasured—no matter what.





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