Ode’ to the Pumpkin


I have a confession. I’m a bit of a pumpkin addict. Whether it’s a recipe for sinful, butt swelling cupcakes or heavenly aromatic candles that make me want to eat them, anything about, having or containing pumpkin is OKAY in my book.

Ripe for the season, I thought it would be appropriate to showcase some of the most divine, blissful, tantalizing pumpkin goodies I’ve come across in recent weeks. If you worship the pumpkin gawds like I do, hold onto your seat. This is going to be one hell of a glorious ride!

Adorned with beautiful mini pumpkins, this Maple Butter Frap candle looks like a luscious light up:


Nordstrom has all the good stuff including philosophy’s homemade pumpkin pie shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath (no caps folks, it’s not an error):


If you’re in the market for a whole line of bath and body pumpkin products, consider the Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin family from Bath & Body Works:

Onto the edibles starting off with Food Network‘s Orange Pumpkin Pancakes with Vanilla Whipped Cream, Cinnamon Maple Syrup and Thick-Cut Bacon:

Baby it’s cold outside, but never too cold for pumpkin ice cream! A creamy bowl of fall goodness:

And another from the wonderful Brown Eyed BakerPumpkin Scones with Spiced Glaze:

How about two ingredient pumpkin brownies? I say – HELL YEAH!

If you’ve never tried pumpkin butter on a warm slice of homemade bread, you’ve never tasted bliss before:

I did a cartwheel when I found this recipe for pull-apart cinnamon sugar pumpkin bread:

What other pumpkin greats would you add to this collection?