Sometimes you can’t make lemonade


Yesterday was hands down one of the worst days ever. And I’m NOT exaggerating. I can’t get into details, because some of it is extremely confidential, but it was baaaad. Think of the chances of an asteroid landing in your living room during the season premier of Weedsthat bad. At one point, I was ready to throw in the white towel and say screw everything and everyone.

I’ve gone into today with a clearer head – accepting the fact that sometimes life does indeed give us lemons. And the reality is, you can’t always make lemonade. Sometimes things are just sour. That’s life.

Popular culture would have us believe otherwise – that lemons are great, but if for some reason you can’t make lemonade, make something else. Make a Bloody Mary. Make French toast. Or throw the lemons at life. Make life take them back. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Life gives us lemons without the juicer far too often.

Frequently life hands us lemons that are not really ours. We can’t do with them what we wish or morph them into something that is beyond our control. So all we have are lemons. Yellow, acidic, hard on the outside lemons. Lemons that belong to someone else but are still tossed our way for us to figure out.

What can we really do with these lemons? It’s like renting a house. You live there, but you can’t make modifications. You can’t make decisions – put on a new roof, toss out and replace carpeting. It’s not your house. They’re not your lemons.

There are also lemons that appear to have an invisible shield – no matter what you do, how hard you try or how nice you are – you can’t do a damn thing with them. They’re bullheaded, narcissistic lemons. You want to help these lemons – make these lemons be all that they can be whether as lemonade or a f**king Bloody Mary, but they resist or, even worse, they literally shit on you. These are the worst lemons of all.

I guess there is a bright spot in all of this. Lemons are much better than other things that life can hand us.


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