16 Funny Tweets About How Husbands And Wives Handle Being Sick


It seems that everyone we know is sick this time of year when germs are bouncing around everywhere. So, it’s no surprise when members of your household are knocked out for the count by a cold virus or the flu. 

Here’s the thing, though- not everyone weathers illness with the same… stamina, shall we say? 


Now granted it’s a stereotype, and there ARE plenty of men that tough out being sick with nary a complaint. And likewise, there are plenty of women who want to curl up in a fetal ball & weep when they’re under the weather (myself included).

But generally speaking, lots of guys out there are NOT model sick patients, and many women approach a sick day just like every.other.day, doing all the things.

Enjoy some laughs along with the folks on Twitter as they describe what “being sick” looks like in their house!

  1. We definitely change the way we feel about our sick partner once married…

2. Once you’re married with kids, there’s no time for being sick.

3. Well, usually one partner can be sick… and the other partner can then be jealous.

4. We women are used to getting things done, even while sick.

5. Whereas a lot of guys…? Not so much.

6. In fact, some men act like little boys when not feeling well. Literally.

7. While men & women can have the same virus, results may (WILL) vary.

8. If women took true sick days, it would be anarchy. Total & complete chaos.

9. You may be able to squeeze in a nap- as long as it’s not around mealtime.

10. Although, granted, some guys try to help out… which is sweet. Very sweet, apparently.

11. But women know that if we catch a cold, HE’LL catch it, too. And we dread it.

12. Because the reality is, his cold will be worse. Always. It’s science.

13. And we wish we could be sympathetic, guys, but… we don’t want to.

14. In fact, we need to outlaw this nonsense. No more man-cold whining.

15. (If only it were that easy!)

16. “In sickness and in health”… unless your partner’s cold is worse than yours. Just say NO.

If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, then the cold germs on Mars must be way worse… and there’s no such thing as a sick day on Venus.

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