18 Hilarious Parenting Tweets About Struggle To Get Healthy When You Have Kids


A brand-spanking New Year is upon us, folks, and many people have resolved that 2020 is their year to finally get fit! While that’s all well & good, the struggle for parents to find the time & energy to maintain a fitness routine is REAL. 


The parents of Twitter know the challenge of trying to stay in shape while raising kids. Don’t feel guilty for not working out enough; get your cardio in by laughing at these funny tweets from parents who (aren’t) feeling the burn!

  1. Your New Year’s resolutions change once you’re a parent. Like, a LOT.

2. After all, just raising kids can be draining- physically.

3. Now granted, there are methods of staying fit that are built right into our routines…

4. Fact: Hiding food from your kids counts as cardio.

5. Another Fact: hiding FROM them counts as cardio, too.

6. But we want to be in better shape. I mean, kind of.

7. Those early-morning workouts are a killer, though.

8. While the intentions may be good the night before, the reality…. um, nope.

9. The constant dilemma: exercise or sleep? (We tired parents choose sleep. Every time.)

10. Running after kids all day IS exercise- so’s the yelling that goes along with the running.

11. But if you want to be healthy, it’s important to set goals. REALISTIC goals.

12. There’s tons of helpful fitness hints online. (And that’s where they usually stay!)

13. And there are accessories that can help… IF you use them.

14. They say “slow and steady wins the race”… 

15. But ideally, we wants results- FAST.

16. Sometimes working out can be a family affair. Not that it’s a good thing, but…

17. Sometimes fate conspires to keep us from our fitness goals (thank God!).

18. Persistence is the key. And we parents are nothing if not persistent!

So the moral of the story? We have no earthly idea, but hope you can stay on track at least through breakfast. And if not? Well, you’re certainly not alone. 


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