Don’t Ask Parents Why Their Kid Isn’t Wearing A Coat


I was in line to see Santa when a woman pointed at my 4yo daughter and said, “Why isn’t she wearing a coat?”

Her coat was in my hand, so I held it up, and she said, “Oh…As a GRANDMOTHER, I have to ask that question.”

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No, actually…You don’t. You certainly don’t have to ask that question, because trust me, I’ve got this covered.

I fought the kid into a coat in the parking lot because Santa was at the fairgrounds this year, and although he was technically inside, he might as well have been in a stable with Mary and the The Wise Men. The moment we got in line for Santa, she stripped the sucker off and dropped it on the ground. I asked her to put it on again, and she refused.

I’m confident this sounds familiar to anyone with children.

Never once in my 11 years as a father have I ever sent my children out into the cold without fighting their squirmy little bodies into PROPER CLOTHING. In fact, I’m exhausted from doing it. Last time I visited the doctor I listed “putting my kids in coats” as my form of exercise.

Trust me, lady, I haven’t crapped the bed as a parent . I’m not about to be the subject of a dateline special on neglect. You didn’t just save a life.

I’m simply letting her figure out a few things the hard way, through goosebumps. Can you live with that? Because I can.

So mind your own business.

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I was in line to see Santa when a woman pointed at my 4yo daughter and said, “Why isn’t she wearing a coat?”Her coat…

Posted by No Idea What I'm Doing: A Daddy Blog on Sunday, December 9, 2018



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