16 Funny Tweets About The Hell Parents Go Through To Create Christmas Magic


Christmas is almost here, and although good ‘ole Santa Claus gets the credit for pulling off the gift bonanza, it’s the parents that are in the trenches of making it a memorable holiday for their kids.


Pulling off a picture-perfect Christmas Day can be exhausting, and it takes a lot of parental blood, sweat, & tears (and maybe alcohol?) to get the job done.

The parents of Twitter are just as worn out as you right now, and still wrapping. So pass the scotch tape, sip your glass of spiked eggnog, and enjoy these holiday tweets!

  1. The hell starts early, with the damn Elf On The Shelf. ‘Elf that guy…

2. Then there’s the whole family photo holiday card. “SMILE, DAMMIT!”

3. Kids begin their Christmas lists… and apparently think Santa’s loaded. 

4. But the good news is, there will be many, many list drafts. And updates.

5. The shopping begins. And never, EVER ends.

6. And the wrapping. This should be a thing, Uber. Why isn’t it a thing?!

7. Then reality hits: there’s just not.enough.time!

8. Parents are running on empty… or chocolate. And desperation.

9. Some of us can get kinda, well, moody.

10. Things really ramp up on Christmas Eve- it’s “go time”!

11. As in, “go BACK to the store for more tape. Never enough tape.”

12. You and your spouse might not be full of holiday cheer while dragging out the gifts.

13. … if you can even remember where you hid them in the first place…

14. And let’s face it, usually Mom is the only one left standing. And cursing.

15. And let’s not forget the family party you’re hosting! Again!

16. But the important thing is, it’s a magical day. For at least an hour or two, anyway.

Happy holidays, all! May your days be merry, and bright, and your Visa balance reasonable.



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