Jason Collier Was Just Busted Online For Multiple Affairs, & Internet Can’t Get Enough


In the Internet age, cheating just ain’t what it used to be. While one might be able to easily juggle a few side pieces during the pre-Internet heyday, it’s a lot harder to get away with those kind of shenanigans now that everyone is connected via the World Wide Web.


Speaking of webs… one dude’s elaborate web of lies is coming back to bite him in his lying, cheating ass. And he’s now become a hilarious cautionary tale about the fury of a scorned woman- or in his case, women.

Many, many women.

A man who has been cheating on his wife with several girlfriends was just busted on the Internet, & the stories, memes, and songs detailing his infidelities just.keep.coming.

Almost as much as he did, apparently.

Jason Collier is a MARRIED chief of police in Stinnett, Texas (and -get this- also an ordained minister) who has been cheating on his wife with multiple women.

Before we delve any further into this soap opera-worthy saga, check his picture below to make sure YOU haven’t dated him recently, since, well, Jason’s been making the rounds.

Photo Credit: Stinnett Police Department

This tawdry trainwreck began when Jason’s (obviously now former) fiance Cecily Steinmetz posted a picture of her & her boyfriend Jason.

Stinnett is a small town, and before long a friend of another fiance of Jason’s noticed the pic & busted him in the comments section.

Cecily spoke to Jason’s fellow fiancee, Kristi Shaffer; the two compared notes & Jason’s deception began spilling out on Facebook like a oil slick- and just as dirty, too.

In a Facebook post, Cecily shared that Jason has been living a double life (turns out it’s waaay more than that, sister!) by being engaged to her while being married… and having another girlfriend.

(Or two. So far in the story.)

According to Cecily’s post, Jason:

lied to me and presented me with fake annulment documents when I found out he was married. I also found out about a 2nd girlfriend, Kristi, last night.

He has lied to us, our children, and asked us both to marry him.

Jason’s clearly ambitious; not only did he have one wife, but proposed to his girlfriend, and then also to his other girlfriend.

That would make three potential wives, and that also makes Jason a real sleazeball.

Cecily included with her post this pic of the couple in their happier days…

Photo Credit: Cecily Steinmetz (Facebook)

…and here’s where the shit REALLY hit the fan.

Women started popping up out of the woodwork online to confirm that, yes, they too had dated, or were currently dating, Mr. Jason Collier.

Women began to compare notes on Jason’s messages, his way of intensely pursuing them, and his scheduling conflicts (aka “when he was with another woman“).

They even discussed the same gift he’d given two of them: a coffee maker (Clearly Jason needs a LOT of caffeine in order to keep up with his extremely busy romantic life!).

So far, the count is at least eight girlfriends. That makes 2 wives (Jason was married prior to his second/current marriage), 2 fiancees, and 8+ girlfriends.

Sounds complicated, right? One fascinated follower created this handy flow chart to help keep track of the action:

Photo Credit: @jedigoddesschristy

Hashtag BUSTED, Jason; #JasonCollier has been trending wildly on social media since his dirty cheating deeds have come to light.

Jason’s seedy saga is the stuff of movies… and many are obsessed with watching it unfold, play-by-play.

There is now an official Facebook group titled “Jason Collier Netflix Series” for those that are fascinated by Jason’s womanizing (or are victims of it). The group currently boasts over 127K members, and their posts are comedy gold.

Here are some of the best gems:

Photo Credit: Tamzen Lee Christensen (Facebook)

(Marked safe “today”, but tomorrow? You never know.)

Photo Credit: Aimee Armstrong Walsh (Facebook)

Look away, good & decent people. Look away.


Photo Credit: Source Unknown

Just like Tiger King, #JasonCollier is a trainwreck… but we can’t.look.away.


Photo Credit: Leanne Sambrano (Facebook)

Even with a chart, it’s still mind-boggling. How did he have the TIME? Or the balls???

That’s what others want to know:


Twitter is equally amazed at Jason’s multi-tasking, too:

I mean, the whole thing is just mind-blowing, isn’t it?? Almost like Jason had some sort of magic power…

Oh. Makes total sense now.

As much as we might not want to pry into a stranger’s private life… just kidding. We totally want to. All of us.

While we’re sympathetic for Jason’s poor wife & children, we can’t help but feel that Jason himself is getting exactly what he deserves for screwing -and screwing over- many women while sitting on a throne of lies.

And even though he prefers coffee, he is certainly the tea of 2021 right now!

Photo Credit: @TheStayAndPlayMom



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