16 Hilarious Tweets That Prove All Kids Are Gross


We all adore our kids, but as any veteran parent knows, even our little darlings have their less-than-stellar moments as far as general decency goes. In other words – kids are gross.

As kids begin to learn about various social norms like hygiene, cleanliness, and social etiquette, they often either bend those rules of decency, or outright break them- often with smelly, germy results. We parents are forced to witness things that a human being should never have to see. Or smell. 


The parents of Twitter know all about those appallingly gross & nasty moments of parenting; read along as they share their own hilarious experiences with

  1. First of all, kids are germ magnets. And they apparently find germs delicious.

2. And speaking of licking, they love to lick things. WEIRD things.

3. In fact, they love to lick all.the.things. (Why?? Why do they DO that??)

4. Kids are also obsessed with picking their noses.

5. Seriously- they can’t wait to do it!

6. And they have NO PROBLEM sharing the, um, results, with anyone. Anywhere.

7. They stop picking their noses eventually- with your help.

8. Kids tend to hoard all sorts of germy things.

9. And they LOVE to share those germy things with you.

10. You never know where kids’ hands have been (well, unfortunately, sometimes you do).

11. Washing their hands before eating isn’t a kid’s strong suit.

12. Neither is washing their hands after… ew. Just ew.

13. Just getting them to wipe their hands after meals is tough (on a NAPKIN, that is).

14. And let’s not even get into the horrors of how they brush their teeth. Or don’t.

15. In fact, the smell can go beyond unbrushed teeth & become a “whole body” aroma.

16. But despite the germs/nastiness, most kids stay healthy (We said kids. Not YOU).

Kids- we know they’re kind of gross, but we still love ’em!

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