Do You Suffer From Stinky Boy Syndrome?


*This post is sponsored by Hero Clean, your solution for stinky boy syndrome.

I have three beautiful children. Two of those children are stinky boys. One is a little girl who smells like her Mother (Sorry Sweetie.) And one loving, smelly, husband. My family really stinks… in a smelly, we play hard, kind of way. We have lots of sneakers, play clothes, work out gear, and pets!!!! I was approached by a company called Hero Clean back in September. We did the usual chitty chatty pitty patty and I decided to give their cleaning products a try. I do several loads of laundry a day. I clean toilets, wash dishes, and use odor eliminator spray like it is my job. Well, because it is my job.

Any time I am approached by a company, I try the product for a while before I agree to talk to my community about the product. I have been using the same laundry detergent for years. I was nervous to try a new line of products because old habits die hard. My kids and I also have sensitive skin. I wanted to make sure that we loved Hero Clean before I introduced you. Hero Clean works exceptionally well and really gets the stinky boy syndrome out of our clothing. If we are being honest, I smell like a bag of onions at the end of the day. I don’t separate my clothing from the rest of the fsmilies, I wash it all together. It has actually made my yoga pants and sports bras smell much better. You know my yoga pants and leggings get a work out

So if you suffer from stinky boy syndrome, give Hero Clean a try. You can find it in store at Target, ACE, Wegmans, and Runnings. You can click here for a downloadable coupon to use in store . Want to buy it online and have it shipped right to your door? Head over to Jet and use PROMO CODE: INAPPROPRIATE for 20% off your order until 5/30/17, and you can also find the whole line on and


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