Take it or Leave it Podcast – Episode 13 – Nativity Scene Fail, SAHM Depression and The “Nag”


Welcome to Take It or Leave It, an advice-ish podcast for parents brought to you by Grove Collaborative.

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This week on Take it or leave it we examine a major Nativity Scene Fail, and dive back into the mental load of motherhood looking at SAHM Depression. Finally, you call it nagging, I call it getting things done. How men and women prioritize getting things done.

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This podcast will discuss all things marriage, motherhood, and everything in between. Please remember we’re not professionals at anything you may actually need, so any advice we give you, you can take-or leave, because it might be crap. So welcome to Take It Or Leave It.



  1. I look forward to this podcast every week!! Meredith and Tiffany are so real and hilarious and they remind me that we’re all together in this thing called parenthood! Serenity now! I love my children! Hugs from this mom of 3 in Maine ?

  2. Absolutely LOVE these Podcasts. I suffer from SAHM depression, especially since losing my job to corporate downsizing. You and Tiffany and the BM all are fantastic and I can’t get enough of these. Thank you ladies, more than you know. You too Mr. Masony

  3. I love your podcasts! I was just listening to the most recent one the other day while making dinner and was cracking up the whole time! My husband walked in and thought I was crazy for laughing so much! You are very relatable. Also, thank you for talking about the emotions with having a hysterectomy. I am having issues and that is a real option on the table now. I have mixed emotions and moments of sadness thinking about not having my lady parts. Heck, I’m 53 years old with 5 children in their 20’s and a 10 year old! I had my last surprise baby at 43! I should be ok with being done! Not like I’m having more! But it’s very emotional saying goodbye to my uterus. It made my beautiful babies! Thank you!!!

  4. I love you girls and work grave yard while listening to the podcasts. Also a mother of an 8yr old an 3yr old. Suffering depression an listening to you guys make it that much better.?

  5. Yay!!! I’ve been wanting to leave a comment or review for you awesome girls who really get it!! The whole thing, not just struggles we go through as parents, but in general and in life! Feeling like we aren’t alone on this roller coaster is just amazing!! Keep up the great job!! You two are a perfect fit together!! Love the podcast, videos, articles, and laughs!!! Oh and Meredith life is anything but appropriate!! Lol? Happy Holidays to both of you and your families???


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