8 Podcasts That Every Parent of Teenagers Should Listen To


Parenting teenagers brings with it lots of stress, confusion, and challenges. This is why it’s important for parents to have resources they can listen to in order for them to become better figures for their kids.


Podcasts provide tons of information in an efficient, schedule-friendly format.

Adulthood is already busy, and when you have children, you have even less free time.

If you are wanting to learn more about parenting approaches when it comes to raising your teenagers, you should try listening to podcasts.

Here are 8 podcasts that every parent of teens must listen to. 

Talking To Teens: Expert Tips for Parenting Teenagers

How does one talk to a teenager without causing awkward tension or a fight? The host of Talking To Teens, Andy Earle, shares communication strategies for a multitude of situations.

He is a parent-teen researcher, so you can be confident that his advice isn’t just assumed jargon you could hear anywhere online. This podcast features guest hosts with expertise, the truth behind teenage stereotypes, and effective steps you can use to grow closer with your teenager. 

Youth Culture Matters

Understanding modern teen culture is crucial as a parent of teenagers. It’s easy to believe that being a teen is exactly the same as it was when you were growing up years ago. Truthfully, each generation of teens has to cope with different situations.

Youth Culture Matters is a podcast that educates parents on issues teens are facing in the modern era.

“When you become aware of what factors could be impacting your teen’s life, it’s easier to empathize with them. From pop culture, peer pressure, and identity-related struggles, teens of today deal with tons of overwhelming cultural impacts,” states Loren Mora, parent blogger at Lia Help and Paper Fellows.

Parenting Teens: The Biggest Job We’ll Ever Have Podcast

This podcast features a variety of experts and parents sharing their hardships. Parenting, especially teens, is an extremely difficult job. Being a role model for your teen can feel impossible when life is unexpected.

Parenting Teens podcast guides parents to helping their teens become confident, mature, and capable adults.

Postcards from Midlife

If you are looking for a relatable, carefree podcast to listen to, check out Postcards from Midlife.

Hosts Lorraine and Trish are two moms reaching out to experts for parental advice.

When it comes to balancing your own life while also fulfilling your parental responsibilities, the lines often blur. You can sit in the same boat as the two hosts and learn how to advance as a parent and individual person. 

Mindful Parenting in a Messy World

We all have so much on our plate, and each day it seems like more bad news strikes in our world. Reality leads us to make poor decisions, which can impact parenting.

Mindful Parenting in a Messy World is hosted by Michelle Gale. The main focus of her podcast is helping parents of teens become more mindful about their parental style.

Many parents are not consciously thinking about how they are treating their teens, which can create an indifference on both ends. Michelle talks with guests, inciting insightful conversations that reinforce the need for mindful parenting.

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Their Own Devices

Technology plays a huge role in the lives of modern teenagers. While electronics and social media can be beneficial, there are many harmful impacts as well.

Their Own Devices is hosted by Marc Groman and David Reitman. This married couple has medical and technical expertise and parental experience.

They discuss all online-related topics such as privacy, cyberbullying, trends, gaming, and online relationships.

“These instances teens encounter online can be harmful. This is why it’s important to educate your teen about online safety and proper technology use,” shares Will Leonard, educational writer at State Of Writing and Bigassignments

Mighty Parenting 

Sandy Fowler, host of Mighty Parenting covers the importance of caring for your teens’ wellbeing. She interviews experts to find solutions to common problems parents of teens encounter.

Sandy has done episodes on topics such as learning disabilities, parenting approaches, and mental health.

Power Your Parenting: Moms With Teens

This podcast is catered towards moms and their teen daughters. Colleen O’Grady is the host of Power Your Parenting: Moms With Teens. She is also an award-winning author of a book about reconnecting with teens.

Her professional expertise as a licensed therapist has given her knowledge about resolving team conflict and building a stronger bond with your kids. 

These 8 podcasts provide desperate parents with quality information on how to better raise their teens. 

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