To My Teen – I Can’t Always Fix it But I Am Always Here.


As parents, we may not be able to fix everything, but we can offer HOPE, LOVE & SUPPORT while navigating through life’s ups and downs.


Maybe I can’t mend your broken heart

but I can offer you an embrace, time snuggled on the couch to talk it through and my unwavering support as your heart heals.

Maybe I can’t change the rejection letter from a college…but I can offer you a reminder that you did everything you could do to make it this far, those late nights studying didn’t get lost on me.

Maybe I can’t change the grade on your latest essay…

but I can remind you that you are an amazing writer with words that can change the world and place an imprint on the hearts of others.

Maybe I can’t change the frustration you feel when your siblings annoy you…but I can remind you that everyone needs time alone, but try to find the grace to still love them unconditionally through your differences.

Maybe I can’t change how life can flip, at the drop of a hat…

but I can show you that being flexible is a life skill that will allow you to be adaptable and filled with optimism.

Maybe I can’t change how you are growing up in a time that is different from my childhood…

but I will continue to keep you grounded, stable and show you that sometimes, the past being infiltrated into today offers a balance.

And maybe I can’t change how friends may turn their backs on you…

but I can provide for you an example of healthy adult friendships filled with loyalty, honesty and always mixed with extreme laughter, because there is never too much laughter when you’re standing along side a friend.

So, please know, even though I can’t fix everything, I am always hopeful that my hope, love, and support, will guide you, encourage you, and inspire you, as you navigate this journey of life filled with many ups and downs.

This post originally appeared on the author’s Facebook Page


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