Video Shows Officers Cornering Mom At Six Flags Because Shorts Were Too Short


Frontier City, part of the Six Flags franchise, is under intense fire today as social media pummels it with questions and anger over a recent incident that went viral on TikTok.


In a video posted to Tiktok by Bailey Breedlove, 2.4 million viewers watch as two officers corner the mom, demanding her ID. Why? Because her shorts are too short.

Um. Yeah. You read that right.

Her damn shorts are apparently so short that the park police allegedly felt the need to scare the ever-loving crap out of this poor mother and her visibly upset daughter. The young girl sits off to the side, shaking and crying, while two officers physically block the mom from moving as they demand to see her identification.


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Breedlove wrote about her ordeal on Facebook where she shared the letter she wrote to Six Flags about her experience.

She tells her followers that she wants people to be aware of the policies set in place that allowed park police to harass her to such a degree that her family has been left traumatized and banned from entering the park for five years.

In her letter, she writes,

“I was at your park and 4/30/21. My experience there was traumatizing. I purchased tickets and parking online, which was a lot of money.

My family and I were welcomed into your park just fine at 5 pm. We were having fun, enjoying rides, and spending money on what we thought was going to be a great vacation spot in Oklahoma City.

About 7 pm, my daughter was yelled at by a park police officer for rolling down a hill on her Heelies right next to me; I was holding her hand. Then she [the officer] proceeded to follow me and grabbed my shoulder to turn me around and proceeded to tell me my shorts were ‘too short.'”

Ok, WOW. Let’s unpack this, shall we?

Even if the park has a dress code policy, the fact that they accepted her money and allowed her to enter the park and enjoy rides and entertainment — which cost her more money — should mean that they willfully ignored their own policy.

So why, then, would they allegedly send two park police officers to accost and reprimand her physically? What the hell kind of park is this?

Breedlove goes on to write in her post that she is autistic and when the police officers grabbed her and yelled at her, she naturally made a bee-line toward her boyfriend, who is a safe person for her.

But that allegedly wasn’t ok with the park officers because they called the park manager, who shows up and begins to body shame Breedlove while simultaneously threatening to charge her with criminal trespassing if she didn’t purchase more appropriate clothing.

“I was told I needed to go buy new shorts, which I am not obligated to purchase anything I don’t want to. Then I was threatened with criminal trespassing when I agreed to buy new shorts so my family could enjoy their vacation. I was then pushed and escorted toward the entrance.”

Breedlove wrote that after her scary ordeal of being grabbed, yelled at, threatened with criminal trespassing, and told to leave, the park officers then pushed her toward the exit to leave but allegedly refused actually to allow her to go.

“We were about to leave and were [then] blocked by your female officer from leaving, and she pulled out her cuffs and demanded my ID. When we asked for probable cause, their answer was “because they are the police.”

Ok, can we pause for a moment and remember that this is a mom with kids who are watching all of this go down…because of the length of shorts!?

Can you just imagine how terrifying this would be for a child to watch?

In her post, Breedlove says that she now has a five-year ban from entering the park.

A FIVE YEAR BAN because of the length of her shorts. She contacted the Oklahoma police department and an attorney, and she is currently seeking a full refund after her horrifying ordeal. 

In her Facebook update, Breedlove says that the Oklahoma Police Department’s department Captian assured her that the officers involved at the Six Flags park were not Oklahoma City Police Officers.

You can see her full post on Facebook here



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