Vogue Hommes Cover – Sexy or Offensive?


Am I the only woman on the planet who finds this image sexy rather than offensive? Seriously. When I first looked at this cover of Vogue Hommes magazine, I didn’t see violence. I didn’t see a woman being choked out against her will. I saw another sexual revolution unfolding. Here we have this obviously much younger man passionately taking control – or the lead, if you will as not to offend – of this obviously much older woman. He is not demonstrating aggression, rather assertion. She is not resisting, but embracing.  A little bit of research confirmed my interpretation. The image depicts a lover’s embrace between models Stephanie Seymour and Marlon Teixeira. She is 41, while junior is a mere 21-years-old. It’s titillating and satisfying for those in similar relationships, myself included. I’m a middle-aged woman married to a much younger man. I have always loved the fact that my husband has never been intimidated by the years I have on him. He has never been afraid to take the lead in any situation. As an older woman, I find that very attractive.

While I sympathize with those crying foul and bringing up violence against women, I just don’t see it here.  I am not familiar with this photographer or his or her previous work, but I am guessing it is probably every bit as controversial – which may have resulted in misconceptions about this particular shot. Or it could be the simple fact that any image – no matter how innocent or suggesting – is open to interpretation.

And let’s face it. This is Vogue. Vogue has always been edgy and taken risks with its cover shots.

Sexy or offensive? What’s your take?

*Photo by Vogue


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