10 Best New Mommy Bloggers


In recent days and months, a number of new mommy bloggers have emerged – some focused solely on blogging about their families, others taking a broader approach. Like all the great women before them, the pioneers of the mommy blogging industry, they’re already making footprints and catching the eye of loyal readers and brands. Here are the top 10 best new mommy bloggers:

Hot Mess Mom

Topping my list of best new mommy bloggers, is the one and only Hot Mess Mom. Channeling a bit of Scary Mommy and every bit as raw as The Bloggess, HMM is a delightful, and sometimes twisted, douse of daily entertainment. What I really love about this blogger is her recent organization of the Million MILF March in New Orleans where women from around the nation (and other nations) were able to get together and connect. Part of the proceeds generously went to charity. Watch out fellow bloggers! This mama is a force!

Diary of a Mad Woman

This is what you read when first landing at Diary of a Mad Woman: “The truth about surviving the suicide of my 41 year old husband, raising our 3 kids, ages 10, 5 and 2 alone, getting robbed and kidnapped at gunpoint the morning of the funeral (seriously, this really happened), and learning how to really LIVE, and even LAUGH, in spite of it all.” This woman has every reason to be mad! Yet, she has taken a series of unfortunate events and circumstances and created a place (and brand) that resonates “I will survive and conquer.” Her posts are witty, fun and inspirational. It’s a blog you don’t want to miss. I tip my hat to her.

Hollow Tree Ventures

A mom of five kids, the voice behind Hollow Tree Ventures makes us feel welcomed into her world and enjoy the experiences alongside her madness. The notes her husband and her used to leave on hollow trees inspired the blog name and, I am assuming, design, which is absolutely gorgeous. I especially love her post Proof the Smartassery is Genetic. My older kids are living proof!

Imperfect Mommy

“All moms are imperfect mommies,” says the self-proclaimed Imperfect Mommy. She’s right about this and a lot of other things she has blogged about over the last 8 or so months. Sometimes sassy, sometimes spun – but always amusing. She tackles the serious side of life in her section Things that Keep Us Up at Night.

Guerrilla Mom

Another who hands out the punches rather than rolling with them, Guerrilla Mom tells us “Your child is acting like an a-hole, and it’s your fault. No offense.” Come on. How right is she? Formerly known as Maria Guido, the Guerrilla Mom is an artist, which shines through in her compelling, timely posts.

Not Your Average Widow

Erin Elizabeth, Not Your Average Widow, began her blog after her husband, an EOD Staff Sergeant in the Air Force, was killed in action in Afghanistan. Although the blog is a few years old, it is still young and very deserving of being on this list. With impeccable writing, Erin shares with us her struggles, sacrifices and outlook for the future.

Lady Goo Goo Gaga

A year-round flip flop wearing mom of two, Lady Goo Goo Gaga puts that other “artist” to shame. This one is flippin’ hilarious! The best of the best? Her open letter to Beyonce. Check it out!

The Orange Rhino

What happens when your handyman calls you out for yelling at your kids? You challenge yourself to not yell for one whole year and blog about it along the way. I love the uniqueness of The Orange Rhino and sheer honesty of this SAHM to four boys under the age of 5. She’s opened the challenge to everyone via her Facebook page. Here’s hoping the rest of her journey is scream-free!




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