13 Hilarious Posts On Facebook That Prove Parents (And Kids) Have Super Powers


Being a parent often takes superhuman effort. We have to be super patient, super aware, super vigilant, super wise, and sometimes super fast, and we certainly need superpowers, too.


Most of the time we just end up being super tired. Can we put a cape on the couch and call it a night, for the love?

Let’s give it up to the parents -and the kids- who are living life like Superheroes every day.

Here they are: this week’s Facebook’s Most Hilarious Parents: Superhero Edition.


1. Faster than a speeding boogey.  (Let Me Start By Saying by Kim Bongiorno)


2. I mean, Batman does have the coolest gadgets, so…  (Stay Home Mama)

3. You’d think a superhero could get a little help around here, huh?  (Maybe I’ll Shower Today)


4. They are so stretchy! (Tree’s Truths about Parenting and Life)


5. Moms don’t mess around when it comes to bedtime.  (Perfection Pending by Meredith Ethington)


6. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference.  (Tragic Ally)


7.  She was born powerful. (My Little Villagers)


8. Best. Power. Ever.  (Mama Needs A Nap by Lauri Walker)


9. It’s a gift, really.  (The Mom Truth Bomb)


10. Like Superman’s mom didn’t have enough to worry about.  (Sparkly Shoes and Sweatdrops by Alison Tedford)


11. It impressive. I’m not even mad.  (My Sister is My Guardian Angel)


12. Consistency is key.  (Dragging Feeties)

13.  Imagine a second cup…  (My Questionable Life)


Here’s to all parents who are superheros in the eyes of their kids!





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