Baby Yoda And His Adorable Giant Ears Are Coming To Build-A-Bear


Ready your children and your credit cards. Baby Yoda is coming to Build-A-Bear. 


When Disney+ aired the first episode of their flagship Star Wars series, The Mandalorian, everyone watching thought we were tuning in to see if Pedro Pascal in a bucket was as engaging and entertaining as Pedro Pascal sans bucket. 

But in the final moments of the episode, we all found out what our real reason for tuning in every week would be.

The green little cutie squish we all affectionately refer to as Baby Yoda.

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Baby Yoda is known as The Child on the show. He’s not an actual baby version of Yoda but a baby of the same species. The show takes place after Return of the Jedi when Yoda joins the glowing blue club of the Deadi. (He’s dead. A dead Jedi. Laugh.)

In order to keep the reveal of that tiny Shamrock Shake a secret, Disney and Lucasfilm didn’t manufacture any merchandise for The Child before his first appearance at the end of the episode.

A genius move since his cuteness would have 100% leaked ahead of time if there were stickers and mugs and plushes and t-shirts and all that jazz already in production.

But this left fans in the position of having to wait for official merch of their new favorite Lil Greenie.

What’s currently available is very limited and most items are only available for pre-order. Unsurprisingly, Build-A-Bear has not revealed an official release date for the Jolly Lime Jello.

Popsocket was one of the quickest to jump on this floating baby cash cruiser. You can stick the adorable little guy on your phone without any fear of being Force-choked.

I’ve already ordered one of these travel mugs for keeping my coffee hot and my fandom satisfied. Although, I don’t know how they missed the boat on slapping a bone broth-sipping Baby Yoda on one of these things. Someone make that and send me my commission, please and thanks.

Build-A-Bear stands to make an enormous pile of green from this bitty green baby.

The store is to kids what Target is to moms. We walk in with one specific thing on our list. An hour later, we stumble out, dazed and blinking at the sunlight, wondering what the hell just happened to our $200.

No one enters a Build-A-Bear and leaves with merely a stuffed toy. There are clothes and accessories and new toys for your new toy.

If you think that Baby Yoda is going home naked in a plastic bag, I am here to inform you nope.

He is getting a plush robe, his own tiny lightsaber, a frog to snack on, a cup for both drinking soup and sipping the tea, and a hover bucket to cruise around in. And it’s going to cost you somewhere in the neighborhood of a new car battery.

Looking into those adorable, huge eyes, can we even be mad? Sigh. We cannot. This is the way… to emptying our wallets.


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