16 Tweets that Capture the Hilariousness That Is the Easter Egg Hunt


Last year, my family and I attended an Easter Egg Hunt at our local park. And, let’s just say, it was exactly what you would expect from an event where hundreds of kids, both big and small, run after a limited amount of candy-filled Easter eggs. 

In addition to baskets full of jelly beans, stickers, and random plastic toys, my kids walked away with an assortment of new scrapes, cuts, and bruises. 

Easter Egg Hunts can get crazy, y’all. They really can. If you don’t believe me, just read these hilarious tweets:

1. Get ready for the Easter Egg Hunts!

2. They can get a little out of control. 

3. The Hunger Games comes to mind.

4. Sometimes parents even get involved.

5. Waaay too involved.

6. And some participants take it seriously.

7. Very, very seriously.

8. Especially if there is $$$. 

9. Let’s leave the egg hiding to the parents, k?

10. And maybe separate the big ones from the little ones. 

11. They’re like deers in headlights.

12. Should there be an age cutoff?

13. Interesting how kids only seem to have this energy during egg hunts. 

14. Seems legit.

15. They will never stop looking. 

16. Well, they might if we do this:

Happy hunting!


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