20 Reasons Stay At Home Moms Lose Their Shit Daily


Let’s face it being a STAY AT HOME MOM is no easy task.  It’s like people think you just have it so great being able to stay home with your kids all day, right?! Then they cant understand why it is you lose your shit.


So, next time your aunt Tina wants to tell you how great your life is, tag her in this post.

Here are 20 reasons why Stay at home moms Lose Their Shit Daily. 

It's no easy task.  It's like people think you just have it so great being able to stay home with your kids all day, right?! Then they cant understand why it is you lose your shit. #mom #sahm #momlife #mommy #motherhood

We lose our shit because we literally deal with shit all day. When you clean shit off asses; off the walls and out of grubby little fingernails all day then we can talk.

We lose our shit because we can’t can’t use the bathroom in peace. Seriously, not only do the kids bombard you every time you sit on the toilet, but God forbid your husband could handle his shit for two minutes so you can poop in peace!

We never get away from the constant shrieking of a child who didn’t get her way. Today, that child didn’t get her way 1,678 times. That is enough to make anyone go insane. 

We lose our shit because we spend 90% of our day trying to prevent the kids from killing themselves. You know…one kid thinks he is a superman who can fly off his dresser while the other thinks it looks fun to put a play fork in the electrical socket.

We lose our shit because when we ask for 5-minutes to breathe, we get asked for what. For what?! Are you f*cking kidding me?! Do you ask a daycare worker why she needs a 5-minute break or even her 30-minute lunch to eat in peace?

We lose our shit because we are SLEEP DEPRIVED. While you are getting your 8 hours of sleep, stay at home moms are up every hour to the cry of the baby, scaring away monsters at 3 AM, and praying the kids just go to sleep without 50 drinks.

We lose our shit because our blood sugar has hit rock bottom. We don’t get a 30-minute lunch or even 5-minutes to grab something to eat. When the kids are eating, we are catching up on laundry, dishes, or frantically soothing a crying baby.

We lose our shit because we have no adult interaction. There is only so much you can say to a two year old and the interaction usually consists of begging them to stop their tantrum.

We lose our shit because as we are running around like a chicken with our head cut off. And someone thinks we need more on our plate. Yes, since I stay home all day doing nothing, I will gladly pick up your dry cleaning, make the church bulletin, or pick up your 7 kids from school.

We lose our shit because we never leave our job. Being a stay at home mom is a FULL-TIME JOB that we never leave. We don’t get to stop wiping asses and faces; picking up toys, folding fifty loads of laundry, or even get 5 hours of sleep a night.

We lose our shit because no one offers to help. Why help someone who gets to stay home all day?! Maybe because we aren’t superhumans that can live on air alone.

We are living in a war zone all the time. You never know when the next boom will happen; if you will be holding half your child’s finger in your hand calling 911; or if the bang is going to cause a shriek that pierces your skull like a knife.

When Aunt Flo comes to visit we have to hide in the closet to feed our cravings. Why? Because, if we try to eat one thing, every kid in the house suddenly wants what we have. In fact, we won’t get it at all if they know.

Just as we get every kid to sleep, someone decides to cut down trees or destroy a building. Like do they just wait until exactly nap time and decide to wake every sleeping child in the neighborhood up. Guess I won’t be eating for the 3rd day in a row.

We lose our shit when our significant other comes home and says, “What did you do all day?” If I say one damn word to you, I might be in prison for murder. I kept your f*cking kids alive; how was your day sweetie?

We lose our shit when others say, “It’s not that hard just make time for yourself.” Seriously?! And how would you like me to do that? Are you going to come to watch my kids? Will you take care of them as they are literally climbing the walls, and screaming so much you can’t think? 

People without kids don’t understand why you can’t be there to support them through every broken fingernail like you used to. Yes, since I’ve had kids, I have changed. I can’t be a very GOOD FRIEND because I’m too busy trying to be a good mom.

We lose our shit because our kids’ taste buds are continuously changing. One day they love Mac and Cheese; the next day they hate it. Oh, you want PB&J, but now that I’ve made it you want Mac and Cheese. Now, I’ve made Mac and Cheese and you just want to eat the peanut butter out of the jar. It blows our minds every freaking day. 

We lose our shit because half the time we can’t even drink a cup of coffee. It’s a daily occurrence that my coffee gets knocked out of my hand because I became the human jungle gym, or the burst of a tantrum was so violent my cup went flying across the room.

People think this life we live is so easy. Trust me, this stay at home mom gig is like a demanding boss who never knows what he wants and bitches when you do it wrong. 

If you’re a stay at home mom, and losing your shit today, you are not alone. We get you, and we know being a stay at home mom is full-time job in and of itself. It’s OK. You’ll survive another day, because we always do.

Why do you lose your shit?! Share your pet peeves in the comments below!



  1. I loose my shit when my kids say my name over and over and over again and I finally am like yes children! Guess what nothing like let’s just repeat my name several times till you get my attention and then tell me nothing ! Absolutely nothing. Seriously !!!!

  2. I am a stay at home mom and I run a home base daycare as well, with 4 “littles” which brings my numbers up to 7 in the summer, I have three kids of my own, I lost my “inner shit” which means i didnt actually show it to anyone, I kept it inside, look out when it decides to come out!!! But yesterday someone called me wondering where I was with the children, I replied I’m at the splash pad! They replied “your so lucky, I wish I was there, instead of at my desk” REALLY!!!!! you would like to leave your comfy air conditioned desk with a half hour -hour lunch break and 2 15 minute breaks to be at the splash park with (5 children yesterday)? my 13 year old is at cadet camp (yeah me!) And the 16 year old vampire stayed home! What happens at the splash pad, let me see, first you have to pack up for 5, make lunches for 5, get 5 water bottles ready, get swim gear, towels, get 5 kids sunscreened and make sure they all go potty! (Then pack the potty!!! Fun stuff) once you arrive you referee many arguments, reapply sunscreen many times, try to find a dime size bit of shade to stand in while the “littles” are all frolicking in the splash pad, answer “NO” a thousand times when being asked if its lunch time every 5 minutes! Plug your nose as you escort “littles” to the port a potty or dump the potty you packed for the “little” that is toilet training! After feeding them all lunch and playing in the splash pad again (refereeing the entire time) then you have to dry off 5 children and assist them in getting dressed and then reapplying sunscreen AGAIN! When it’s time to leave many hours later, some are whining because the wanted to leave earlier and others crying they dont want to go, if your “lucky” no one will have an “accident” I was very “lucky” yesterday no one pooped there pants!

    • I hear ya girl! I’m a stay at home mom and I have 8 children of my own (few adopted) ages 12,11,10,9,8,6,2&1 and in the summer we will go to the local pool and there is no sitting the entire time we’re there. It’s a lot of work but the kids enjoy it!

  3. Well… I say you hit everyone of them.. but how about when there sick .. cleaning vomit up.. up all night because your worried and there scared , running them to the doctors and then having to go pick up prescription with your sick kiddos crying?

  4. Stay at home mom of 3! I loose my mind daily cause it’s a struggle! There are days I want to scream and lock myself up in a closet just to get away from the caious or the tantrums. But being a mom is the greatest blessing too! Eventually the kids will be older and not want me as much. But till that day I will continue to strive to be the best damn mom I can be!!! Even when I’m screaming on the inside!

    • Amen! I have three kiddos and I feel the same way! They will grow up and not need me as much and I will miss those days. So for now I will strive to make them happy!

  5. Having an autistic kiddo isn’t for the faint of heart. Them having cabin fever over the summer just intensifies every situation.

    When people say “Just get them out more”. I live in the desert, it was 116° last week, not a whole lot of “out” options available for us desert rats.

  6. Omg I posted this on my Facebook and you would not believe the nasty comments I got from working moms. So ridiculous some moms are so judgmental towards other moms. Love the article! Definitely showing this to my husband!

  7. I’m so glad I’m not the only one that hides in the closet to eat my junk food. I hate when he asks me to take the kids with me to the store so he can relax. Are you kidding me? Grocery shopping is one time out of the whole week I could be by myself. You know I’m walking down every aisle in that store .

  8. I have just one child who turned 5 in May and this is what makes me lose my SH@#, ok so I am home all day being told by my son that he doesn’t love me anymore since I wouldn’t let him play outside, I tell him every day you can go knock on your friends door and ask if he can play but please don’t walk in right passed the parent to go bother the other boy! He does it anyway!! But that’s not the worst part, worst part is when his dad comes home from work; they look alike and act alike! So when dad says why aren’t the dishes dine? You are home all day! And l look at my son and he says mom why didn’t you do the dishes. Ugh!!! He just does it to push his limits I swear. And the yelling (MOM!!) from the couch when I am in the basement folding clothes or getting laundry started DRIVES ME UP THE WALL!! he will yell it over and over and over again I can answer to the first time and second time the third I just go ugh and keep doing what I am doing to hear my son say MOM! GET UP HERE SO I CAN HEAR YOU BETTER!! I’M LIKE SO HE HEARD ME THE FIRST TIME?? WTH?? ITS not easy but tell that to my other half who thinks he can come home be treated like a five year old too!!

  9. I lose my shit every night at bed time. My two year is potty training and when it’s bed time (to prevent going to bed) she suddenly feels the urge that she must go potty. Hasn’t gone on the potty all day but as soon as I say bed time “potty”!!!!

  10. I loose my s*%t when my 1 AND two year old daughters are loudly and competitively crying for my attention and affection and every last drop of patience, all amongst my three year old son repetitively saying “mom.mom.mom.mom”…and then my 4 and 5 year old daughters are fighting over something and arguing over all the noise…and then my husband comes in and asks me for (fill in blank here). ? ? ????????

  11. Love love love this article. I can relate to many of you and yes, others are judgmental. I focus on what I can control and ignore meaningless comments. Stay sane, keep’em kids alive and safe, and just know that everything will be alright.

  12. I lose my shit because all day I’m worrying about the kids. When they sleep I have to decide to either nap or clean. And no matter how much laundry I do in a day there always seems to be double the next day !!

  13. I could write an article about why I lose my shit at work everyday… the point is, its a choice I made. So I wouldn’t complain about it!

  14. I lose my shit when my girls fight! We have three girls, 8 10 and 11. They all are both independent AND strong-willed! They have AT LEAST one fight every hour or so! It rarely gets physical but the yelling and screaming drives me bat shit!

  15. I’m a stay at home mother of 4…GIRLS! And to top it off I’m a college student. I literally do everything and my husband thinks he’s got it hard because he works…

  16. These. I lose my shit because my toddler has repeated himself for the millionth time. I lose my shit because the dogs wont stop peeing and pooping on the floors. I lost my shit because a cat pissed on a fresh pile of laundry on my couch…..The list is endless….

  17. Let’s see I’ll start with my two older children. When I’ve nicely asked them to do something 5 times and they still ignore me til i start screaming like a banshee and then they give me that geez moms gone crazy look and they scramble away. Then my 2 year old tantrums of brother and sister have one of their toys and mom is excepted to take it off them and give it to him and when mommy doesn’t the tantrum gets worse.

  18. I home school 3 kids (15,12,8)and have 2 more (4, & 3) at home so all day everyday with 5 kids and a disable vet boyfriend who bitches about his pain, sleeps all day and the rest of the day after he is up plays video games. I lose my shit when our 8 yr old refuses to do his school work , won’t stop picking fights with his older siblings while they are in class also then when he gets in trouble will start messing with his 2 younger brothers who aren’t in school yet .. all while the 1 youngest go ape shit crazy and while trying to wrangle them back to order I am screaming , spanking kids … I in turn get yelled at by my boyfriend for disturbing him and then told to get my children under control that they are becoming brats (the 2 youngest are ours together) and how it’s my fault as a mom they act this way…

    • Girlfriend, that “man” needs to go… You DON’T newd another child and TRUST: I made excuses for my ex. For over a decade. Man will be helpful, that person is being a boy… Nah. He’s out. Sorry.
      That being said , you cannot toss the kids out. I understand trying to do it all and dealing with the craziness; now will not put up with much. Either you do OR sergeant mom rears her head. Bootcamp style.

  19. So true! The only thing that makes me lose my shit you did not mention was the stress and work of taking care of my special needs child. All three of my kids go to school but while they are there I am cleaning, making medical calls, doing errands, filling out medical forms and yet I have been asked if I am going to get a job now that my kids are in school. The answer in I have a job even when my kids are in school. God bless my sweet hubby who helps when he can and sometimes knows just by my voice I need a bubble bath to destress so he takes kids and locks my away from them for and hour.

  20. I lose my sh*t basically as soon as my husband leaves for work. I have 4 children tot but only 1 left at hone- she’s 2. People ask why I started over, I ask them if they assume I planned it? My daughter is not like an average child. She hated toys, cartoons ect. She wants to be entertained all day. Itsije can. I just have 5 minutes to use the bathroom? No, because you see fingers creeping under the door. My only life savers are my anxiety medjx and my pain medication which it’s going to be bad I am out until Saturday the 21st and being in excruciating pain and trying to be a mommy do not mix.

  21. I was a stay at home mom for 8 year with 2 boys. I lost my sh*t on a daily basis. Their father would come home and ask what I did all day. Not only took care of your children, did his running around for our landscaping business, worked 3 part time jobs, did the grocery shopping, and volunteered at the kids school. I’m sorry I didn’t get all of the laundry put away.

  22. I freaking love all the moms venting on here it’s awesome knowing I am NOT ALONE. This article was SPOT ON! Keeping the kids alive is exactly what we’re doing. Just when you think they’re over the putting everything they find in their mouth phase you’re running to your toddler before they swallow that dime or blowing into your toddlers mouth so that the orange peal she stuffed waaaay up her nose pops out. It’s a constant struggle and it’s exhausting and obviously we love our babies and will be looking back on these days wishing we can turn back time so they stay babies but for right now it’s nice to know there’s more of you out there. 🙂

  23. I lose my shit. Because my handsome 4th kiddo feels the need To just walk around all day looking for things to dump . waterbottle yep! Juice? Oh lets reach for a bottle of windex , figure out how to unscrew the top, and try dumping it down a air vent. Soda?! Syrup in the carpet? ! Soap?! Dump! Veggie dip?! Lets rub it in my hair. Oooh toothpaste that was fun . This all happens from me making lunch, or helping his sister in the bathroom, or doing dishes. My day is spent cleaning up these messes every second to turn and find a new one. Cuz obviously I was busy picking up that mess so he had time to find something else to do,

  24. I have been losing my sh*t for 12 years!!! My oldest of six is 12 my youngest is almost three!!! We are full blown tantrum city during the school hours and in the evening it’s mom sign this mom what’s for dinner mom when are we leaving for practice!!! And before school it’s me…kids let’s go where’s your bookbag how do you only have one shoe why didn’t you do that homework yesterday after school?!!! It never ends lol!!!!

  25. My favorite is when your kids are all FINALLY school age, and everyone instantly start asking when you are going back to work, or why your not volunteering in little Johnny’s class, or they assume that you have tones of time open now “because your kids are at school”
    Nope, still have 6 kids worth of dishes and laundry and cleaning to do. Still have grocery shopping for a family of 8, a budget to do, meals to plan, eat.
    Plus I can’t volunteer in everyone’s classroom and still have dinner on the table in time to leave for Cub Scouts, youth group, and dance….
    Life never slows down, I just get to do my daily chores alone while they are at school.

  26. My 4 yr old likes to play a fun game. “Mom, can I have Mac n cheese?” Me- sure, ( cooks it). Then she inspects it by looking at it smelling it, but never actually eating it. “ Mom, it’s yuck, I don’t wanna eat it!” I’m not really sure what the game is, but…I’m not that in to it.

  27. I love how everyone in the house spends ALL DAY LONG testing your patience and then are all totally miffed when you finally lose your shit completely. Oh and then the crying starts, followed by the guilt…

  28. I can so relate! I had twin boys that were 26 months old, a six year old ; then my last baby girl was born. I was a stay at home too. But hang in there y’all. My mother in law used to say, leave the dust. Go to the beach. These days are over so quick! They are, believe me . My kids are now 40, 42, 42 and 47.

  29. I lose my shit when I ask my husband one night to warm up left overs then he decides that he also wants to give the kids a 7 layer chocolate brownie cake and root beer floats for dessert and then complains when I don’t feel like making the floats he wanted and then asks me to stop be a lazyass and do something for a change!! Uh ya I don’t think so since I do EVERYTHING for our 3 kids and 2 puppies!!!!!! Just wanted one night to not have to cook or make stupid root beer floats that I can’t even eat cause I’m lactose intolerant. ?

  30. I loose my shit because I am a stahm of 3 also working my buisness making kid clothes and cleaning etc I do everything
    My kids yes I get annoyed but that’s their job my fiancé will not help he won’t he told me him helping with housework is a fantasy

  31. I’m a working mom, and I give you all alot of credit! I have no clue how you’re able to do it mentally! I love my son, but could never stay home every single day!

  32. I hate it when I let the kids pick out dinner and once its made they tell you I said I didn’t want this…. Then when I tell them either eat it or go without they eat their plates than go for seconds while complaining they don’t like it….

  33. Let’s not forget if you’re staying home that’s one less income! It’s Halloween now I had to buy 2 costumes and have gas money for our numerous parties plus getting ready for a bday plus getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas for 3 kids plus another bday in December we didn’t get to do anything for our October anniversary or my November bday and you want to cry because I didn’t bring my kids to your house no no no you don’t get to make me feel bad

  34. I have 5 kids (19, 17, 15, 5 & 4), the thing that drives me the most insane is when o go to the bathroom after my hubby gets home and I can here them asking him where I am. He tells them to leave me alone and where I am and then they still conve find Me anyway to ask me something they could have asked dad. Really?! You do know you have another parent right?
    I have made it a point to tell my teens don’t bother asking me if you can do something you know I’m going to tell you to ask your dad and they still ask anyway.

  35. I am a SINGLE stay at home mom have been for 13 yrs no one has ever offered to help my middle childs father works a factory job. I lose my shit because I but my ass all day every day for not one or 2 children but FIVE by myself and he has the audacity to act like he is dying every time he shows up at my home I will clean and he will walk behind me destroy shit and shit on his ass complaining about how tired he is or how hard work was that day my kids kill eachother and nearly set the house on fire because he doesnt want to get off the couch because his job is so hard. I uave told him I will gladly trade you places for a month you be a single stay at home dad bet you dont last a week hell probably not even 3 days. I cant even get a job because my childrens needs are so high at the moment. My children range from 13 to 12 mo

  36. Going to loose my shit hardcore when those clocks turn back 1 hour!
    My kids were already up at 5&6 today! New time that’s going to be 4&5!

  37. I lose my s**t when after spending 25 years raising our 3 children, he thinks it’s my turn to get a “real” job! ??

  38. My daughter is 19months and has started to throw her tantrums. The big hit is not letting her dig in your belly button! She also loses her mind when i shut the bathroom door like its a portal im never comin out of! My 7month old is so fragile you look at him wrong and he cries! Yay for motherhood!


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