Hilarious Viral Video Nails Exactly How Moms Are Feeling Since Schools Closed


So… how’s it going right now? Was March a total dumpster fire of a month, or what?? If you’re like the majority of parents right now, your brain is on fire from a potent mix of virus-safety precautions, mounting financial stress, homeschooling desperation, and the searing reality that this is our current “normal”.


While we’re all pretty stressed out right now, one of the best ways to cope with tough times is to maintain your sense of humor. As the old saying goes, “laughter is the best medicine”.

(And while laughter unfortunately isn’t the medicine we need to wipe out the coronavirus pandemic right now, it definitely gives us a welcome break from corona-craziness.)

It’s better to laugh than to cry, but Trey Kennedy’s latest video will likely leave you crying with laughter. His latest clip, “Every Mom In America Right Now” really is every mom in America right now- and it’s funny because it’s TRUE.

Comedian Trey Kennedy has long been known for creating funny videos; if you’re raising a tween son right now, then you need to check out his “Middle School Maddox” series, because you’ll feel much better when you see that ALL middle school boys are just like yours.

Trey’s latest video, however, nails the reaction of virtually every single mom across the country when we found out that school -the grand institution that our children would LEAVE OUR HOUSES to attend- was just… closed.

Yup. For many of us, it felt that sudden. And that mind-blowing.

The clip opens with the radio’s solemn announcement:

And we are now reporting that all schools are closed until further notice.

-and “Mom’s” reaction:

Oh Lord Jesus, give me strength.

Photo Credit: Trey Kennedy (Facebook)

Same, girl. SAME.

Most kids were psyched to have a break from the school routine, and Mom greets her enthusiastic son (Maddox the middle-schooler!) with a warm hello & a hefty spray from her Lysol can.

Photo Credit: Trey Kennedy (Facebook)

Mom then basically maces poor, unsuspecting Maddox, because as we moms all know, you can’t take chances with any creepy corona critters hitching a ride into our homes from the outside, amirite??

Mom has good intentions for her kids to use the time home constructively. You know the drill; you’ve seen the color-coded homeschooling charts popping up all over social media.

And she admonishes the kids that:

Now, just because you guys are home from school does not mean you’ll be playing video games all day.

I said the same- ONCE. It might have been day 2 of social distancing. I mean, now it’s already Day… how long has it been? What day is it???

(By day 3, I was chucking iPads at children & sprinkling Goldfish crackers through rooms like some deranged Snack Fairy. DON’T JUDGE ME- like Trey’s “Mom”, I too once had plans for kid chores. Once.)

But in addition to having Maddox cleaning the household baseboards, Mom also expects him to practice his math skills. 

And if you’ve ever lived with a typical middle-schooler, you know how well that went over:

Photo Credit: Trey Kennedy (Facebook)

We moms know this posture all too well.

Truth be told, I feel the same.damn.way. about tackling math assignments with my kids right now (two words for you: COMMON CORE). 

The days are long, but many of us are trying to create a semblance of routine for our children, even if it just involves consistent bedtime & wake-up schedules.

I say “trying” because waking up any child over the age of 10 in the morning brings it’s own set of challenges:

Hey, it’s 9:30. This is getting a little ridiculous- we’re not just gonna sleep all day ’cause there’s no school.

Photo Credit: Trey Kennedy (Facebook)

That head-cock is nothing short of perfection, TK!

Many moms are trying take advantage of this rare time home by taking on previously neglected tasks, like cleaning out kids’ closets…

Photo Credit: Trey Kennedy (Facebook)

…which of course every kids just loves

Photo Credit: Trey Kennedy (Facebook)


Many kids are understandably frustrated about not being able to go out socially; as Trey’s Maddox puts it:

I’m a frigging quaran-TEEN-ager!

Photo Credit: Trey Kennedy (Facebook)

Then Maddox utters the dreaded words: “I’m BORED.”

So Mom -just like the rest of us have undoubtedly said at least to our own kids- tells him to:

Read a book. Read something. C’mon- find something to read.

(Seriously, kid. Crack open a book.)

Like our kids, moms are feeling antsy, too. Quarantining means long hours in close quarters. And with everyone home, even the sanctity of our own secret snack stash is no longer sacred, because KIDS.


Ew! this chocolate tastes like POOP!


That’s Mommy’s dark chocolate. Do not touch it again!

Photo Credit: Trey Kennedy (Facebook)

Never have I felt so understood like I did in this very moment (and never could Trey Kennedy have known it, but that very same bar of chocolate is hidden away in my underwear drawer right.this.minute.)

Other moms, of course, skip the dark chocolate & go right to their own “treat”:

I’ll be in my room.

Photo Credit: Trey Kennedy (Facebook)

And how about that gaming? While it’s great that kids are able to entertain themselves with their electronics, it’s the yelling to their friends while they play that kills us moms. Fornite & Ark players, you know who you are.

And when Mom (ok, when “we”) finally flips out, kids have the audacity to be shocked:

Photo Credit: Trey Kennedy (Facebook)

… until they start yelling once again. And they always do.

The clip concludes with Trey’s “Mom” uttering a single word that is on the lips of every single mom across America right now:


Photo Credit: Trey Kennedy (Facebook)

This is obviously a super stressful time for all of us- it’s not easy to abruptly transition from a work/school/extracurricular activities schedule to all being home, all.the.time.

But we’re all doing the best we can. And that’s good enough.

Trey Kennedy’s video has already garnered 211K likes and 239K shares, which shows that that despite the seriousness of our current circumstances, we can still laugh at how we’re all handling this- one step at a time.


Every mom in America right now

Every mom in America right now

Posted by Trey Kennedy on Thursday, March 19, 2020



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