5 Apps All Busy Parents Need



A long time ago, I thought an app could only help with parenting if it could produce two extra arms for me or add 12 extra hours to the day, but with this batch of helpful apps, I was proven wrong.

From helping me navigate dinner to creating a family budget that’s easy to use, these apps are there to make my life easier. Even though it’s not an extra extremity in the literal sense, I can always count on them to lend me a (figurative) hand.

1) Kids Eat Free

If you’re like me and don’t always have time to cook but still feel guilty when you can’t get something hot on the table, Kids Eat Free is going to change your life. This app gathers all those kids-eat-for-free promotions restaurants sponsor and puts them in one place so you don’t end up spending a fortune every time you decide to hang up the apron and dine out. The great part is it’s location based, so it doesn’t matter where you are; it’ll spot the closest deals for you in an easy-to-navigate interface.

2) Finovera

In our world full of bills, emails, magazine subscriptions, receipts and more, Finovera acts as a virtual folder that stores all those things that usually end up in a pile on the dining room table. For busy moms and dads who are also balancing work with personal life, this is one tool that is extra handy. It’ll reduce clutter, save space and give you more time for more interesting tasks since looking for “that thing I had in my hand two days ago” is as easy as opening an app.

3) Mint.com

As far as free goes, most people say you get what you pay for. When it comes to Mint.com, however, it’s completely the opposite. From managing family spending budgets to making sure the bills get paid on time, Mint.com is the one-stop banking app that’s not only free, but it’s dead useful. Monitor your net worth, track your spending, and put away that special vacation money. It’s all at your fingertips with Mint.com’s handy app. For added benefit and security, combine this app with a Virtual Private Network like Express VPN whenever you use it on a public WiFi; it’ll give you a secure connection and make sure what goes in your bank stays in the bank—at least until you take it out anyway!

4) Cozi

Forget about writing on your hand or on the edges of receipts; this app takes all the little slips of paper in your life and puts them into one stellar app that arranges your schedule and makes sure you never forget a note. Cozi lets you color code by family member, capture and share family moments and even make store-specific shopping lists that will streamline your chore list. Make sure your settings allow for text notifications, and you and your family will never miss another appointment again.

5) Happy Kids Timer

Getting your kids on a schedule is one of the hardest things to do, and when Google Calendar fails you for getting your kids to bed on time, the Happy Kids Timer will step in to make it all go a little smoother. Jot down daily routines with task-specific notes, from brushing their teeth to making their beds, and then incorporate fun timers and activity bonuses for when they complete a task. While this one does require your kids to have a smartphone or tablet device, it does make it easier for them to have a little independence while still getting their schedule down, which, for me, is great all around.

From grocery shopping to hunting for free meals, these five apps are incredibly helpful for my family and me to accomplish the things that usually slow us down. Then we get to spend more quality time together. If you’ve got any suggestions on which apps are best for you and your kiddos, leave a comment below. I’m always on the search for the next great app to transform my life!

About the author: Cassie a full-time writer and full-time mom, which means she’s also a full-time nutcase (only kidding!). From the latest in tech to the newest parenting guides, she loves to devour new techniques and suggestions for making her harebrained world with kids run just a little bit smoother.


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