5 Things I Won’t Waste My Energy On Now That the School Year Is Almost Over


It’s the end of the school year and yeah, I’m just about done!

Between common core homework my kids don’t quite get, the never ending mystery of “where did all the socks go” as we’re trying to get out the door, the birthday parties every weekend, gymnastics, basketball games and the bedtime routine where we don’t make the bus anyway, I tell ya I’ve reached my limit.


While summertime definitely doesn’t provide any relief from motherhood itself, the pressures of the school year seem to melt away to playing outside, shoes that don’t require socks, and enjoying popsicles instead of packing lunches.

It’s a break of sorts that is much needed, come May. Because, as mamas, our “school routine” cup of energy is just about dry.

And with such a precious supply I can tell you 5 things I won’t be wasting my energy on now that the school year is almost over. 

By the time you get to April and May, your'e exhausted as a mom. Here are 5 things I just give up worrying about as we approach the end of the school year. #momlife #humor #parenting #summer

I will not be settling anymore disputes that involve children other than my own.

I’ve filled my quota for the year. Just the other day, my child put toilet water on another child, and I don’t plan on doing a single thing about it. Yes, my child was being a butthole, yes they know better, yes they were reminded that they know better, BUT no it wasn’t actually toilet water and this was all explained.

The kid, however, told their mom anyway and now I think there may be a “your kid can’t play with my kid” standoff going on; but I don’t feel like any of this has anything to do with me! I have apologized for my child’s behavior 12 times, this week alone, and despite popular belief not everything a child does is a direct reflection of their parenting.

Now if I get a call, I will calmly explain that it was tap water because I am polite to a fault, but I will not be seeking anyone out to set things straight or make amends; it was a joke and I really couldn’t care less.

I also, will not be lending a large amount of energy to any sort of meal prep.

I will be making whatever I feel like throwing together; if they don’t appreciate the cuisine, peanut butter and jelly is always an option.

As a wise woman once told me, “You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit” (and if you do you just don’t eat). I buy waffles every Friday because I am absolutely certain that I won’t feel like being bothered Saturday morning to make anyone breakfast. Don’t you worry, they are all classically trained in the art of the toaster; their works are always golden beauties.

I will not spend my energy on too much extra hygiene.

I really do my best to reserve a special share of effort just for hygiene but even with that I’m wearing thin. I took a shower but barely finished my soap up because I lost balance in my flamingo stance (because did I mention I’m down to one foot via surgery) and slipped, bringing the shower rod down with me and painting my knees purple in the process; at least I smell good, for now.

I can guarantee you, though, that I will not be worried about much beyond being clean. A messy bun with a little lip balm sound about right until school’s out.

I will not waste my energy killing myself trying to get them to school on time.

I’m pretty sure the reason I don’t have much energy left in the first place is because I spend so much of it trying to get my kids to school on time each morning; my kids were late to school 3 times last week, not because their mom is currently the one foot wonder hopping around making bagels at snail speed, but because the weather is warmer so of course that means they’re super excited to put together 12 outfits before they choose the one that it then takes them 20 minutes to put on; as I sit, completely baffled, because they laid out their clothes last night.

By the time you get to April and May, your'e exhausted as a mom. Here are 5 things I just give up worrying about as we approach the end of the school year. #momlife #humor #parenting #summer

I will not be making any extra gifts or handcrafted goody bags.

To be honest, even with an empty cup I may find an extra boost for punctuality or feeding the kids, but one thing I know I won’t be doing is all the added chaotic extra-ness that seems to define the last stretch to the finish line.

The “off to summer goody bags”, join us for family night at the ballpark, make a handcrafted thank you gift for the teacher; all of that is great, I do it when I can, but this year I’ve found myself with 3 kids in school and it’s simply too much.

I will chip in for the class gift, put together by the amazing room mothers, and add in a heartfelt card for the teachers, who are amazing in their ability to deal with that many kids day in and out, but everything else has a pretty slim chance.

So, as it all winds down, if you find yourself clean tapped out, just know you’re not alone. We’re all running low and it’s okay to let a few balls fall where they may and finish a little less than flawless. Spend the energy you have left wisely, and may your summer leave you recharged as we prepare to do it all again in the fall.

Messiful Mama, aka Xavia, here; embracing life one beautiful mess at a time. I am the mother of 4 amazing, spirited children who definitely keep me on my toes and, although, plenty of my days full of chaos, and drama I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. A little mindfulness and a whole lot of loving myself through my mistakes and somehow, moment by moment, I make it work. Join me on my journey as I #confessthemess


  1. Yes!! One thing you all should do!!! Is read up on the Messiful Momma blog. Her insight is amazing and quiet funny at times when we mommas really need it. Keep up the great job.
    A true and forever fan
    Patrice Moore

  2. We have hit the no extra energy in food prep time at our house too. Come Thursday, dinner becomes heat up what ever left overs you feel like eating. LOL. Friday has about as much effort for dinner.


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