Kid Shows We Hate To Watch


I do a lot of things that I don’t want to do for my children. I love them, I really do. One thing I can’t do, is watch anymore Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Max and Ruby, The Fresh Beat Band, or that tiny turd Caillou! I simply can’t stand it any longer. Check out my issues with these children’s cartoons. If you are on a mobile device, click here to view the video.


  1. LOL! If Caillou were my kid, I’d let him play with scissors!! – Best line! That kid is the worst! I also HATE Alvin and the Chipmunks but that is universal!

  2. No Elmo or Barney allowed in my house. Ever. Not up for discussion. I don’t make you eat liver or lasssgne and you can’t make me listen to those two.

  3. I hated max and ruby. My kids werent allowed to watch calliou. I hated with a passion dora especially swiper stealing and no consquences. Right now my youngest is jnto paw patrol. Its tolerable and we watch together sometimes.

  4. I HATE the Sunny Bunnies shorts between shows on Disney and also the Nina ones. She really did have to go to the damned bathroom and should not teach kids that some ninja granny is going to come save the day and get her to the bathroom just in time EVERY time!!!

  5. Caillou is the worst!!! A whiny lil puss….and my son is constantly telling me that I look like his mom ? which is reason enough to ban the show from my house ?
    The tv shows are just as hard to stomach as the cartoons. The shows always depict adults as bumbling fools with these kids’ characters having free reign of everything around them. It’s asinine!

  6. Our 10 y/o doesn’t watch TV much, but YouTube… that’s another story. Minecraft diaries make me want to scream. It’s like a Soap Opera that never ends, but worse! lol Funny thing is that I enjoy playing Minecraft with her, but watching someone else’s role play is awful. Cheesey. Horrible “acting”.

  7. Caillou hands down. He’s a huge whiner and the mom is either constantly sedated or an alcoholic… she never loses her temper…… EVER!!?

  8. I mean I don’t let my kids watch shows that I find really really annoying I just don’t I I tell them that those shows suck and so that they never want to watch them and I know that’s horrible but you know I don’t want to listen to Caillou or Max and Ruby or anything like that so I just tell him that they suck and I’ve actually told my older son that Caillou is not a very nice little boy and he doesn’t treat his mommy nicely

  9. Caillou is the spawn of Satan. Whinny little brat, peppa pig is up there for me as well, those pigs are so rude and need a harsh lesson in manners. Barney Omg I can’t even with that creepy over sized purple dinosaur, who ever thought of that show needs a psych evaluation.

  10. When my oldest daughter was younger, anytime she watched caillou she became so whiney! Now she is 8 and love teen titans and gumball and I cannot stand either show. My 5 year old daughter watches it with her and I just wish she would go back to watching shows for her age! (Even if they are just as annoying!)

  11. Peppa pig is horrible!!! I won’t let my daughter watch it anymore. She also likes to watch YouTube and she watches other people open toys for hours and I just don’t get it, how is that enjoyable??? Plus I think there is a rule that you have to have the most annoying voice to do those videos. And it’s kinda creepy that it’s usually grown ass adults that are doing them. I hate them!!!


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