7 Hacks to Keep Your Car Tidy with a Family


It is not easy to keep a car clean with a family. There is running from sports practice to art clubs and all the equipment and supplies that go along with these sports and activities. Busy families often eat on the go, which can result in food wrappers and crumbs on the floor of the car. You may not think you can have a clean car and use it as a family vehicle at the same time, but there are ways to keep it in check.

  1. Use a Shoe Organizer

You may have a shoe organizer in your home to keep track of these shoes. These organizers are placed on the back of the door, and they have separate compartments for the shoes. These organizers can be very useful in the car as well. This organizer can be hung on the back of one of the seats in the car. It will you to store baby items, toys, drinks, and even small food containers. You will know exactly where everything it. This is a fantastic way to stay organized and reduce the amount of clutter in your car.

  1. Keep the Cup Holder Clean

Having the best mug can also make it easy to reduce the chance of drinks spilling in the car. Cup holders are one of the dirtiest places in the way. Crumbs get trapped in them as well as spills from drinks. To keep the cup holder clean, line them with silicone cup cake liners. When they liners get dirty, rinse them and put them right back in. These liners can be cleaned and used repeatedly.

  1. Keep Plastic Bags in Tissue Boxes

Empty tissue boxes can be repurposed, and they can be useful in your car. These tissue boxes can be used to hold small plastic bags. When a mess happens, it can be cleaned up right away. This will also reduce waste. The tissue boxes and the plastic bags will be reused and recycled.

  1. Keep a Mobile Garbage Can

A plastic cereal container makes a great mobile garbage can. The container can be lined with a plastic bag. When you are on the go, you can throw out your trash in this can. When you get home from your road trip all you need to do is empty out this can, rinse it out, and it can be used again. Trash is part of life with a family, but it does not have to end up on the floor of your car.

  1. Dust with a Coffee Filter

The inside of the car is going to get dusty and dirty. There is no reason why it should stay that way. There is a simple trick to remove dust and dirt. A coffee filter can be used to help clean things up. Add a little bit of cleaning solution to the coffee filter and then dust off the interior of the car. The dust will get trapped on the filter. This is easy to do and only takes a couple of seconds.

  1. Easy Travel Cups

Spills are one of the biggest problems when traveling with a family. Everyone is going to want a drink, and there will be spills. To reduce the chance of drinks spilling, just about any cup can be turned into a travel mug. Just put some cling wrap over the top of the cup and insert a straw. This will reduce the chance of spills and the liquids staining the seats.

  1. Keep a Laundry Basket Handy

To make it easier when shopping and to help make sure that nothing gets left behind in the car keep a laundry basket in the trunk. This way when you are done shopping the bags can be put into the laundry basket and then carried in the home. The laundry basket can also be used to carry in older and other items that often get left in the car and lead to clutter.

These are some ways that you can travel in the car with your family and keep it clean. While families – especially those with small children –  will make messes, there is no reason that the car must be dirty. These simple hacks will help you keep your car clean.


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