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Joy Reece is a lover in all aspects of the word. Writing is her gift and one that truly displays her raw and real heart. She still believe in fairytales, and that love can conquer all. Her inspiration comes from the kindling of imagination and from stories she finds most electrifying. She resonates most with those who can encourage a soul with just the delightful arrangements of letters on a page. Her motto is: "Whether you relate to the stories you see, reading simply gets you away from the electronics for a moment, or maybe better yet they somehow awaken the writer within you—I hope you never lose the fire inside of you. You get one life, make it a story worth telling for generations to come."

A Letter to my Son: Why our Photo Album is full of Selfies.

There’s nothing more basic than a selfie. You typically see the arm, can figure out who took the picture, and it’s generally deemed as “overrated” or “annoying”. A selfie, these days, is commonly seen as a form of vanity.