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Lauri Walker writes about the realities of raising four kids: the good, the bad, and the hilarious. She is a wife, the daycare lady, and a baseball Mom who adores her crazy family, making pretty things, and she lives on Coca-Cola. Because caffeine. Lauri has appeared on Scary Mommy, Perfection Pending, Grown and Flown, Bluntmoms, and her own blog. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and IG. Visit with her here in Hot Mess Express.

Summertime is Magic

Every spring we start to look forward to longer days and warmer weather. Kids get jumpy, anxious for the days of no school, later...

How to Not Raise Assholes

As parents, we can all agree that we want to raise good people who are kind to the world and productive in society, right? After...

Parenting Is Heartbreaking Work

People ask me all the time, after five babies, for the best advice I have to give those planning to start a family. I...

The Reason Why It’s So Hard For Moms To Ask For Help

I'm a Mom. It is my job, my joy, to take care of my family. I'm also fiercely independent and, while I have raised my...

13 Hilarious Parenting Memes That Describe The Nightmare That Is Putting Kids To Bed

"Sleep is for the weak!" they say. Whoever They are, I'd like to punch right in the face. Because putting kids to bed can...

The Crazy Thing I Did For My Teenage Son To Find Him Again

My son has loved roller coasters since he was 10 years old. For years he has ridden them alone because we were all too...

To My Mom Friends I Haven’t Seen In A While. I Miss You.

I miss my friends. I know they are there, but there are some I just don't get to talk to as much anymore. I...

The Pain Of Miscarriage Never Leaves You

A friend asked me the other day if I would be ok talking about my son, Andrew. I was, at the same time, both...