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My Kids Share A Room Because That’s Where The Inside Jokes are Made

My kids share a room, not because they have to but because they want to. And because it was a choice, not a have...

My kid is a worrier

My kid is a worrier. There are things that make his mind race and keeps him up at night. He can make something out of...

Where Exactly Is There Time For Self-Care?

Backpacks are packed. Lunches are made. Water bottles are filled. Hair is brushed. Shoe laces are tied. We’re out the door…shockingly on time. Until the youngest...

I’m a Wanna-Be Free Range Parent

I’m a wanna be free range parent. I love the idea of kids running amok without a care in the world. I love the idea...

I Don’t Feel Sorry For My Middle Child

I don’t feel sorry for my middle child. I can’t tell you how many times people have warned me against leaving our kid crew at...

They May Grow, But They Will Still Always Need Us

As he grows he needs me less. But as a teenager, he will still need me for comfort, and to lighten the mood when things get heavy. He will need me to mend a broken heart, and teach him how to drive.