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Sometimes I Call My Firstborn My Practice Child

Sometimes I call him the Practice Child. The oldest of five. Born to a mom and dad deep in debt and struggling. Right in the...

To The Mommas Of Babies And Toddlers – This Next Season is Good,...

Gather round young moms of babies and toddlers. I have a story to tell... Every day I go for a run. By myself. I leave all the...

It’s OK To Just Survive. There is no award for Outstanding Quarantine Mom.

I learned to tell the truth in Al-Anon. Until then, I’d been under the impression I should just present my best self. I pretended. A lot. But when...

Having Teenagers Is Surprisingly Fun. Promise.

I stopped at the corner grocery store yesterday for my quick mid-week stock-up. You know, just the essentials to get us through until the...

My First Instinct Is To Mourn My Son Growing Up

My first instinct is to mourn. I’ve mourned a thousand stages already. All the baby milestones. Running away on chubby little toddler legs. Preschool days and...

How Important Is The Toilet Paper Roll Really?

How important is it?? I ask my kids all the time. But the truth is, I'm only just figuring it out... And I think it means letting the important things be important and then completely letting go of the rest. I know. HARD.