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Suzanne Hayes
Divorced mom of 3, who discovered writing as an outlet for her overactive mind. I have a love of words, especially when strung together to form sarcastic comments and April's Fool Day is my favorite holiday. I am a recovering alcoholic and often write about my journey through the active stages into the serene life of recovery. My only current addiction is spoonfuls of peanut butter sprinkled with chocolate chips.

How To Be A Good Parent? Just Be You.

Can we just stop comparing ourselves to the neighbors, our co-workers, or even our own parents? No two parents will do it the same....
Mom and daughters talking and laughing in their car

The Car Is Our Safe Place

The car is our place. Many of our most poignant family memories are set in my blue, messy, high-mileage Toyota Highlander — it is where the...
sports family

You Know You’re a Sports Family When You Do These Five Things

My kids hate to lose. They hate when refs make bad calls and coaches play the third line at the end of a tied...
Vacation Mom

I Make A Better Vacation Mom Than A Reality Mom

I am currently curled up in the fetal position fantasizing about quitting my job and moving down south because life on vacation was simply...
woman's lips in mirror

Aging is Tough. It Feels Like My Body Is Betraying Me At An Alarming...

Aging is tough. Yes, I am 43 years old, but my lips make me look 60. My lips have been an unhealthy obsession of mine...
single mom with kids

When You’re A Single Mom, There Isn’t Enough Of You To Go Around

I'm a single mom, and there isn't enough of me to go around. I just came to this realization today and it was equal parts...

16 Pieces Of Advice For My Daughter On Her 16th Birthday

Today, my oldest daughter turns 16. 16! And for some reason I have butterflies in my stomach. I am kind of a mess over it. 16...

What Every Mom Of Three Kids Knows For Sure

They say the third time is a charm and truth be told, my youngest (and third child) is all charm.  He is a natural empath...

Dear Shawn Mendes: Here’s What I Learned When I Took My Tweens To Your...

Dear Shawn Mendes, I can’t tell a lie. I wasn’t really excited to go when I first bought the tickets. I considered it a sacrifice...
socially awkward mom

Five Ways I’m A Socially Awkward Mom

Have you ever walked into a room, looked at all the people, then turned around and walked right out while thinking, don't make eye contact,...