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Charissa West is a high school classroom teacher turned stay-at-home, work-at-home mom. When she’s not chasing around her three young sons, she works as an online teacher and freelance writer. She shares her honest, sarcastic, hilarious thoughts on parenting on her blog, The Wild, Wild West, with the goal of helping moms laugh at anything motherhood may throw at them.

To the Mom Who DIDN’T Lose Her Sh*t Today

To The Mama Who DIDN’T Lose Her Sh*t Today. Your kid greeted you in his usual fashion -- staring creepily at your bedside, like a...
Parenting can be funny. Like, why can't our kids make new years resolutions they will actually keep? here's what I'd want them to be. #newyears #resolutions #humor #funny #parenting #filterfreeparents #momlife

5 New Year’s Resolutions I Wish My Kids Would Make

The start of a brand new year is a time when people all around the world vow to make big changes in their lives....

House Hunters for New Parents: What They Should Really Be Looking For

House Hunters is a show that everyone loves to hate; more specifically, viewers love to hate the couples who appear on the show. It seems...

13 Sleep Deprived Parents Share The Ridiculous Things They’ve Done While Exhausted

Doing ridiculous things while sleep deprived is essentially a rite of passage for parents. I could fill a book with all the embarrassing things...

Yep. My Kids Are Sick “All The Time” Because Kids Are Disgusting

"Why are your kids sick all the time?” This is the question MY NEIGHBOR asked at the bus stop, after hearing that one of my...

4 Things I’m Totally NOT Grateful For This Thanksgiving

It’s the time of year when people who spend a solid ten months acting like Scrooge are all of a sudden brimming with gratitude...

The Real Reason Why Your Kids Are Angels For Their Grandparents (But Not You)

Raising children is exhausting, so YOU SEND YOUR KIDS TO THEIR GRANDPARENTS' house so you can catch a desperately needed break. They later return them...

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