Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga Fans: Please Don’t Support The Demise Of A Family


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the whole world is obsessed with the chemistry between Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga after their performance together Sunday night at the Oscars.


-“Look at them! They’re so in love! They need to hook up like right now!”

-“Bradley- leave your girlfriend! You are meant to be with Gaga!”

-“The whole world wants you both together, so just do it already!”

Honestly, I’m disgusted by it.

Did you know that Bradley Cooper has been in a committed relationship for 4 years?

Did you know that he and his girlfriend Irina Shayk share a precious one year old daughter?

Have you seen them photographed together, strolling hand in hand as a beautiful family? Looking every bit the picture of perfection. They’re a stunning couple, seemingly very much in love.

Would you same people who are calling for him to leave his family, accept your own significant others walking away from you and your children because a group of strangers told them their chemistry with a co-worker was undeniable and they were meant to be together?

How would that make you feel?

To know that people were hoping for the demise of your relationship? The destruction of your family?

We women are so anti-infidelity when it personally affects us, but are condoning it when it involves two mega stars we fawn over on the big screen.

Don’t ever root for the destruction of a relationship and of a family, just because of some big screen fantasy you’ve played out into your head as real life.

We crucified Brad Pitt for leaving America’s sweetheart, Jennifer Aniston.

Meg Ryan ruined her career by having an affair with Russell Crowe.

Why do Bradley and Gaga get a pass?

Let’s not condone cheating.

Let’s stop hoping for a fantasized movie relationship to become a reality.

A Star is Born was a great movie. The characters were believable. Their relationship was believable. But none of it is real. It’s just a fictionalized story shot on a Hollywood backlot.

A man pictured with his beautiful family…that’s real life. Let’s root for the longetivty of that relationship.

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  1. I get your point, but seriously… they are paid millions to do what they do. They know what comes with it, let people have their fantasies! No one is going to make their demise happen except them two! So their fans saying it isn’t going to do anything if he loves her. Get over it. Again he’s paid millions to deal with that. No pity

  2. The difference is is because this chemistry has continued off screen too….that’s why and what America also has based their feelings on when it comes to the suggestion there’s no denying their feelings and attraction for one another..js!
    Unfortunately and fortunately some things are just the inevitable!

  3. Brad and Angelina were crucified but still managed to become celebrity royalty when they did become a family. That normalized this behavior. That is why people are always warning young people about what they might consider to be dangerous social changes. To the younger person, a teenager or young adult, these things seem a little silly to be so concerned about and that is because the person is new to the world of adults. But older adults have seen how behaviors that were once warned about , and that warning ignored, turned into being normalized. Because we have such a free society, and I applaud that, we are left to our own intelligence and judgment, rather than a lot of social structure, to tell us how to behave and keep us on a path that is with a good moral compass. It is difficult to squeeze , or direct, a person ( self) in a moral direction, so the idea of the freedom to be and do whatever feels good is more how human beings like lean. I agree with this article that it is not appropriate to encourage and applauded the breaking up of a commitment, especially one that involves an innocent child, in order to thrill ourselves with observing the chemistry between actors going on and on because we don’t want the “movie” to stop. I enjoy the singing and writing talent of Lady Gaga, respect the courage of Irina during what may be a stomach sinking time while others are over the moon over this chemistry, and, if Bradley remains a loyal and committed partner and father, I will forever respect that in him because talent is one thing and humanity is much more.

  4. If all celebrities left their partner to be with someone else just because they were and on screen or on stage hit nobody would ever stay with anybody for example Ellen pompeo and Patrick Dempsey worked too good together and about a million other on screen couples…so they would all have a while bunch of flings but never anything real….Gaga and Bradley can just have that one night of really great performance and still go home to the person they actually are meant to be going home to


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