Causes, Effects, And Prevention Of Childhood Obesity


Does your child seem overweight to you? Is he or she fairly sedentary? Do you worry about your family’s nutritional intake? Do you wonder how childhood obesity can affect your child’s everyday life? 


Childhood obesity is a serious matter and is associated with many physical, social, and emotional problems.

The infographic below, Childhood Obesity: Consequences, Causes, & Prevention, provides a brief overview of the problem, its possible causes, and ways to treat and/or prevent childhood obesity.

In the United States, the percentage of children affected by obesity has more than tripled since the 1970s. Data from 2015 – 2016 shows that nearly 1 in 5 school-age children and young people (6 to 19 years) in the U.S. is obese.

This kind of information opens our eyes to the childhood obesity problem under our nose. 

Learning more about the devastating consequences of this issue may help prepare you to tackle it. You will probably want to begin with a visit to your child’s doctor. He or she can offer helpful suggestions specific to your child’s health.

While genetics and metabolic conditions may cause childhood obesity, most of the time the blame can be placed on overeating (especially of the wrong foods) combined with too little physical activity.

Take a good, hard look at the section of the infographic that presents the factors that contribute to obesity. Do any of these describe your child’s environment and their eating and activity behaviors? If so, move on to the Prevention section of the infographic.

It’s never too late to help a child conquer obesity. Once you get started, the formula for success is fairly simple.

childhood obesity prevention

Offer good, healthy food in moderate portions, limit sedentary activities, and work together as a family to achieve the goal of good health.

Don’t expect immediate results. Keeping obesity at bay can be a lifelong, yet rewarding journey. Keep reading to learn more or download the infographic here




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