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Parenting Crap

In Least Helpful Study Ever, Science Concludes Moms Weigh 3 Pounds More Than Childless Women

Section Notes

A study conducted at the University of Cambridge analyzed data that was previously collected by dozens of other studies involving women and weight. The studies tracked women’s weight ranges from the ages of 15 to 35. 

The study claims that childless women steadily gain between 1-2lbs. within five or six years. The panel suggests that tired parents are more likely to skip exercise and to snack more frequently on unhealthy foods.

On average, mothers also gained the same 1-2lbs … and then an additional 2lbs, 14 ounces. 

According to University of Cambridge professor Dr. Eleanor Winpenny, the goal of the study was not to specifically gauge pregnancy weight gain:

Because apparently gaining 2-3 lbs. within a few years is a significant “lifestyle change”. 

TWO or THREE pounds. 

The study was published in Obesity Reviews, and concluded that:

Becoming a mother is associated with 17 per cent greater absolute BMI gain than remaining childless.

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Hospital Posts Signs Shaming New Moms About Using Their Phones While Nursing, & Fellow Moms Aren’t Having It

Section Intro:

When it comes to school shootings, we’ve become accustomed to wondering not “if” there will be another shooting, but when. It’s beyond disturbing, but the reality is that with alarming frequency, we catch wind of yet another school shooting.

Section Notes

A British hospital posted signs in their Special Baby Care Unit to guilt new parents into not using their phones while with their newborns.

Dr. Ash Cottrell’s child had been born five days prior, and was in the Special Care Unit of Yeovil District Hospital. Obviously a newborn requiring intensive care is a stressful situation to begin with for new parents.

But the hospital threw a dose of parental guilt in there, too, in the form of posters in the ward shaming new parents for being on their cell phones.

The hospital claims that the “no- phone” posters are meant to encourage bonding between parent and baby, especially nursing moms.

A public statement from the hospital to The Mirror states that the posters were specifically designed for the Special Care Unit, where:

Being separated from your baby is very difficult for many of our new mums and our advice is all about encouraging bonding as well as strengthening milk flow.’

But does guilting new moms about their phone use really “encourage” them?

Grove Collaborative - Cleaning with a "Friend"

Grove Collaborative – Cleaning with a “Friend”

Do you Grove Collaborative? I do, and so does Tiffany...I mean Sharon ? Try Grove's new fall scents and when ...

Love and Marriage

Here are eight things to do together as a couple in the new year to keep your relationship fresh and deepen your emotional intimacy.

Section Notes

1. Schedule a time for weekly review of each other’s calendars.

Sync your calendars and check in with each other on a specific day, like Sunday evening or Monday morning, to review the coming weeks schedule.

Do either of you have late night meetings planned? Is there a day you can have dinner out together? Is there a night when you can plan to have a quiet dinner in?

2. Go on a weekend retreat.

Take a weekend away from all distractions during which you can evaluate and plan the year ahead quarter by quarter.

Is there somewhere you both want to travel to in the near future? How do you each want to spend your vacation time?

Brainstorm ideas and find dates on which you can schedule activities you both want to try together. Which brings us to . . .

3. Try something new out together.

Make your life together an adventure.

Take fly fishing lessons in the spring. Go for a nature walk in the Summer and paint what you see. Find a new hiking spot. If you have a dog, take it to a training program together.

4. Start a couple’s journal in which you share your hopes and dreams.

Sharing from the heart increases the probability that dreams will become a reality.

Keeping a shared journal with an explicit agreement not to judge one another’s hopes can deepen intimacy by allowing for difficult discussions without impulsive emotional reactions or interruptions getting in the way.

5. Entertain other couples by hosting a game night once each quarter.

Group laughter with friends warms the heart. Keep it small by inviting no more than four to six couples, and mix it up.

It’s common to get into the rut of inviting the same people over and over, but including couples that have never met before keeps things more interesting.

6. Be of service together.

Giving back by volunteering often brings couples closer together as you use your combined resources of time, energy and compassion to serve people in need.

You don’t have to limit yourself to standard ideas like serving lunch at a soup kitchen, but that may be a good place to begin.

7. Read a book together.

Each of you can pick a topic and book that is of interest and then you can either read it out loud to each other, or you can each read the book you picked for yourselves and then switch and read the other person’s book.

Discuss your observations and what you learned from the book. Why did the topic interest you? How did the book impact you?

8. Choose a home improvement project to take on as a team.

Is there a room in your house that needs a revamp? Is there a closet that needs to be cleared out? What is old and in disrepair or in need of updating?

When you do a task together it can be accomplished more quickly. Be careful, however. Renovations can also cause tension in relationships, so be ready to work as a team.

Over the course of your weekend retreat, use this list as a guide for prioritizing which of the ideas above interest you most and which interest you least.

Then you can begin to brainstorm and flesh out each item further until you both feel comfortable implementing them.

Above all, have fun and communicate your wishes respectfully in order to create the greatest opportunity for success.



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