Flea Market Finds and a Weekend Project


fort andross flea market

Last weekend my family took a drive down to the Fort Andross Indoor Flea Market, which is a little bit of heaven on earth for people like me who relish times gone by rather than contemporary newness. Inside was what seemed like five acres of antiques, collectibles and “stuff” that has seen a day come and go more than once. Absolute bliss! I was immediately drawn to a table full of vintage horse riding gear. No, I don’t currently own a horse, but have always been fascinated with all things equestrian. I must have been pulled into this area for a reason, because nestled between an old saddle and a worn pair of riding boots, was a Norman Rockwell collectible that had me dancing in the aisles. This little vintage find is the perfect addition to my growing collection! For those of you not aware, my grandmother was a Norman Rockwell fan. I grew up in an old farmhouse that was adorned with Norman Rockwell artwork and Saturday Evening Post magazines. Here are some pics of Americana Home Design’s Family Grace replica home that I bought for a lovely $10:



Inside is a replica home depicting Family Grace. I’m not taking the home out because it took five grown adults to figure out how to get it into the box in the first place. When it does come to it’s final resting place, I’ll update with a photo. Not far from where I found this beauty, my son, Keith, discovered something sure to catch my eye. It’s an old milk jug from Oakhurst Dairy (founded in 1921) that appears to be hand-painted with a covered bridge. I picked up the combo milk jug and table (modern – Bombay Company) for a mere $30.



As I was busy buying the milk jug/table combo, my husband was busy purchasing this tea set for $13. I don’t know the history, where it’s from or how old it is. All that it says on the bottom of the pieces is #828. If anyone has any information or details, I’d love to hear from you.


Other than making it a family day, the purpose of going to the flea market was to come up with a creative weekend project. Recently inspired by HGTV’s television show, Flea Market Flip, I’ve decided to convert an old painted side table into a music lover’s dream. I was lucky to find an old metal disk that was once played in a music box:




I’m going to place the metal disk into the top of the table pictured below and cover it with a piece of glass so that it can be used as a end table or stand.


I’ve decided to paint the trim and legs of the table a deep chocolate brown and the shelves a very light beige. I’m currently looking for the insides of an old music box and phonograph or gramophone horn to accent the bottom shelf. Around the edges I plan on stenciling music notes. It’s a simple project, but one that I hope turns out nice and fetches a good price. So far I have $55 invested.


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