Four Secrets Overworked Moms Use As An Easy And Healthy Way To Lose Weight


There’s no magic bullet for weight loss, but I think it’s safe to say that we all know the usual suspects. Eating healthier food, moving more, getting adequate rest and hydration- these are the things we all usually come across when it comes to weight loss advice. But there are secrets tired and overworked moms use as an easy and healthy way to lose weight.


However there’s one segment of the population that seems to have a lot more barriers to reaching those targets- moms of young children, I’m looking at you!

When children are quite little, “finding time for you” can be quite literally impossible. Speaking from experience, if you can’t find time to pee alone then it is highly unlikely that you’ll have time to do things like go to the gym or sneak in a nap. I think all the messages telling us to “make time” for fitness are well-intentioned, however having the social support that is required to make this a reality is a luxury for some.

And the lack of sleep! My Lord. If you ever want to know what it’s like to be a parent, it’s like having a custom alarm clock that’s set to go off only when you are in need of sleep the most. You can end up so exhausted that it becomes difficult to find the motivation to move more or cook your own meals.

However, despite these barriers, it’s not impossible to figure out ways to sneak a little health and fitness in your daily routine, even if you suffer from a case of the kids.

Here are four simple secrets tired and overworked moms use as an easy and healthy way to lose weight.

1. Make Extras

If you’re cooking, make larger portions so that you’ll have leftovers. A typical complaint from Moms is that they’re too busy to cook separate meals for their picky kids and themselves.

This can lead to skipping meals or living off your children’s rejected grilled cheese. If you make larger portions when you’re already cooking, you then have the opportunity to save or even freeze extras, which means one less cooking session later.

2. Prep in your Downtime

I’m not talking about when they nap here. This is about simply cutting up some veggies or dividing salad into take and go containers while you are binge watching Black Mirror (I see you!). Is it weird to prep at your coffee table while you are watching T.V.? Maybe, but it’s also efficient and your future self will thank you.

3. Go for Walks

Walking is a very gentle way to get in some exercise that doesn’t require much strength or motivation. It’s also a great way to get your kids out of the house and into some fresh air. If you have a new baby, this is a great alternative to being cooped up in the house. If your kids are older, this is a great way to help them burn off energy in a way that leaves no mess to clean up. It’s a win-win!

Four Secrets Overworked Moms Use As An Easy And Healthy Way To Lose Weight. If you are looking at weight loss tips, we've got 4 secrets busy moms use. #weightloss #healthytips #filterfreeparents

4. Have a Dance Party

Dancing with your kids is surprisingly enjoyable. It’s an absolute riot to see them light up when you take the opportunity to get silly with them. It can also be a pretty energetic task, and you can get quite the sweat going!

Bonus points for going at your own pace, having no one around to judge you, and getting an all natural burst of endorphins, making it a perfect activity to do with your kids that also benefits YOU.

Being a mom is intensely rewarding but it’s also very challenging. Finding simple ways to prioritize your health will help not only you but your whole family.



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