Funny Viral Post Stereotypes Every Mom Group On Facebook And It’s So True It Hurts


When my oldest child was born, the first few months felt really overwhelming & isolating. Although I had a few moms in my life that were a great support, connecting with other moms on social media was a huge encouragement.


Social media can be a vital way to connect with fellow moms. Parenting can be a hard road at times, and laughter goes a long way to easing the struggle.

That’s why Facebook mom groups are so popular; they’re a great place for moms to connect on their own time.

We swap funny parent memes. We share pics of our kids. We write long-winded rants about the fork we just fished out of the toilet, again, because KIDS. We savor each other’s successes, & vent to one another about the days that feel like a total dumpster fire.

Oh, and there’s advice, too. You can get advice on virtually any parenting topic under the sun on social media… even if you’re seeking it.

Because when it comes to social media, moms want to help. Sometimes TOO much.

A Facebook post is going viral after presenting a hilarious A through Z list of every stereotypical response seen in a Facebook Mom Group.

The idea of “Facebook Mom Groups Be Like” has been making its way around the Internet in numerous forms since first appearing on Reddit back in 2017, but it’s been amended numerous times since to make it more current & even funnier.

The latest version was recently posted by mom Tiffanie Rochelle Browning, & is accurate AF. Tiffanie added some of her own flair to it- including the picture of the house engulfed in flames. 

Photo Credit: Tiffanie Rochelle Browning (Facebook)

(Which is pretty darn symbolic of what parenting feels like sometimes, no??)

The post opens with Mom “A’s” initial request:

Mom A: “My house is on fire and my child is inside screaming. What do I do?! Picture for attention!”

And yup, we’ve all seen these types of posts before. They’re the ones where the answer is pretty darn obvious. But obvious isn’t funny.

What IS funny, however, is that every other mom in the group is instantly prepared to dispense the best course of action. 

The result: 25 different comments on the BEST way to handle the raging inferno.


The healthy sancti-mommy weighs in. Clearly lack of kale is responsible for this inferno, Mom. Forget the fire- eat.more.KALE.


The multi-level marketing mom: Oh, totally unrelated tidbit. Until that “join my team & make 6K a month!” DM comes sliding into your in-box…


The free-range mama: The “ugh” of personal disgust is a nice touch. And the eye-rolling emoji, just in case her condescension wasn’t clear enough.


The “Web-MD authority” mom: Slight pain in your arm? Cancer. A twitching eyelid? Eye cancer. Tired? Definitely cancer. Your house a massive bonfire? CANCER. Just ask Dr. Google!



This is one of the classic signs of “You Know You’re In A Facebook Mom’s Group When-“. Not only do you have the vaccinate-your-kid mom, but riding right on her jock is the vaccines-cause-autism mom.

Forget Mom A’s fire, peeps. Moms L &M are hijacking the thread with their own battle now.

The voice of reason mom: Dear woman, we applaud your efforts, but logic and reason have no place here. This is the INTERNET. 

OH NO. Nope! Not touching this one. It’s the old “breastfeeding vs. formula” debate, circa 2012. And 2013. 2014… and so on. Every.Single.TIME.


Circling back to the MLM-mom, with a dash of mom-guilt: “Want to earn 6K and work from home? I’ll PM you about how to stop screwing up your kid by working from home instead.”

(Mom V, for “VICIOUS!”)

In addition to this plethora of “helpful” advice, there are several more. One mom urges house-fire mom to let her child “cry it out”. Another says not to since her kid never had to cry it out, & is healthy, breastfeeding 16 year old.

Mom A should plan a date night. Or feed her child on demand. Or perhaps let go and let God, squirt breastmilk on the fire, check out Mom J’s pregnancy test pic, etc.

If all else fails…

Mom N: just put some coconut oil on it!

Browning’s post has gone viral, earning over 31K shares and 18K likes in less than one week. The reason: it’s funny because it’s TRUE.

While mom Facebook groups can be a source of encouragement & support for mothers, certain stereotypes about them typically prove to be true.

While it can be helpful to have a fellow mom’s perspective on a situation, the best thing to remember?

Mom W: Don’t listen to any of this! Follow your mom gut! You’re a great mom!

Follow your gut (ok, and maybe Mom W’s, too, because the girl speaks the truth). While mom community is helpful when dealing with a mom inferno crisis, too many suggestions only add fuel to the fire… pun intended.


Facebook Mom Groups Be Like: ???.T.R.I.G.G.E.R. ?? .W.A.R.N.I.N.G. ???Mom A: “My house is on fire and my child is…

Posted by Tiffanie Rochelle Browning on Sunday, September 22, 2019


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