A Pre-K Class Created A Cookbook Of Their Own Original Recipes AndThey’re Deliciously Funny


Kids and food can be like oil and water- they don’t always mix. While children obviously need to eat in order to keep themselves alive, they often seem to do everything within their power to thwart that process.


Some are picky eaters, and insist that they won’t eat anything that they hate- and what they hate is a complex, ever-changing list with endless variables to it. Other kids will eat a single bite of dinner, swear that they are totally full… then request a snack five minutes after dinner ends. 

Feeding kids can be really tedious for parents, which is why it’s time we stopped cooking for our kids and let them handle it themselves. And based on the efforts of one group of preschoolers, it’s evident that kids feel fully equipped to do it, too.

A pre-K class created a cookbook containing original recipes written by its students, and the contents have gone viral on Twitter, because they are hilariously adorable.

The cookbook was originally shared in a tweet posted by Jordan Adams, who explained that each student in his nephew’s class was tasked with creating their own unique recipe that was to be incorporated into a class cookbook. 

Jordan’s tweet included four pictures of recipe pages from the actual cookbook, including his nephew Ethan’s contribution.

His recipe is aptly titled “Ethan’s Eggs” because, well, he’s Ethan, but as far as the “egg” part goes, well… you’ll see.

The prep time for this recipe is an hour, so some advanced planning would be required. At least the actual cook time is 2 seconds, so there’s that. This recipe makes 10 servings, so it’s a good dish for a crowd. 

Photo Credit: Jordan Adams (Twitter)

I’ll admit that I was confused when the ingredient list for this egg dish didn’t include eggs, but if you read the step-by-step instructions, eggs are not an essential ingredient. In fact, the ingredient list itself is simple: pancakes, sugar, and Skittles. Pop that sugary goodness onto your pancake & you’re good to go. 

But if you insist on adding eggs to this… egg dish, no worries. Ethan’s got you covered:

You can go to my house and I will give you eggs because my mom makes eggs all the time.

(On a personal note, I found this even funnier because my own mother lives four doors down, & I borrow eggs from her all.the.time.)

So the secret to Ethan’s Eggs is- score a few from Ethan’s mom, and eat them with nothing; or better yet, skip the eggs altogether & enjoy your pancakes. 

Photo Credit: Jordan Adams (Twitter)

I’m already feeling Ariana’s Macaroni, because with a prep AND cook time of 2 minutes each, this is nice & quick.

The ingredient list of course requires macaroni, and cheese, and apples? Not sure why- oh, strawberries, too? And odd sweetness added to a savory dish, but as Ariana explains, “I like them because they’re healthy”. Fair enough!

Apparently the dish is seasoned with toys, a backpack, & a doll. Don’t question her method, people- Ariana’s the chef here, not you.

Put it to the oven and put cheese and more melted cheese…

I’m with you, girl. You had me at more MELTED CHEESE.

Once you’ve got your oven lit “hot, like a birthday candle”, the next step in the procedure is the won that makes this recipe a winner in my book:

Now you need to tell everyone it’s time to leave.

Now that’s my kind of dinner party!

Photo Credit: Jordan Adams (Twitter)

Joe’s Tacos are for the more loosey-goosey cooks out there- he doesn’t know the serving size, the cost, or the cook/prep times, so deal with it.

The ingredient list is typical for tacos, except the potatoes- no, wait, tomatoes. Or potatoes? If you’re out of cheese, don’t worry- Joe’s mom, like Ethan’s, will hook you up.

Joe’s instructions are to… well, 

First I don’t actually know. I really don’t remember anything.

Can I change this to cheesy rollups?

(Absolutely, Joe. It’s got cheese, so we’re with you, buddy.)

But a good cook can improvise or change his/her mind, as Joe does:

I don’t want to make tacos anymore. I don’t even know how.

No shame in that, Joe. I don’t ever want to make dinner. I wish I didn’t know how.

In fact, the more he thought about it, the more tacos seemed like a bad idea to Joe. He doesn’t even like beans, because *parental trauma alert* his mom once made him east a bean burrito & he threw up.

Joe’s advice: Skip the tacos. 

I know how to make watermelon it is easy…. just buy the watermelon and eat it.


Photo Credit: Jordan Adams (Twitter)

Sebastian’s Pancakes are clearly fancy-schmancy; at $70, this will be a meal to remember. 

The best part? There’s only one ingredient need to make these pancakes: salt. Literally just salt (For $70, that must be some REALLY gourmet, hoity-toity stuff!).

Sebastian’s casual cooking style is evident in his instructions:

You get a thingy from the house and put it on the  hot thingy.

Ok- seems easy enough so far.

Turn on the hot thingy and it burns so you have to be careful.

Hot thingys are tricky like that.

You make like something and put it in it and it cooks.

The magic is in the details, friends.

He even offers suggestions for serving his signature dish (or rather, clearing it):

Don’t leave the plate on the table, you have to throw it away in the sink or flies will get on it.

It’s no surprise that Adam’s tweet quickly went viral, with nearly 180K likes and 71K shares. These recipes are an adorably refreshing look at the cooking process that kids are observing in their own homes.

And props to the parents that are maintaining well-stocked kitchens full of eggs and cheese for these budding chefs.

We labor over trying to figure out what our kids really like, but apparently they’re more than happy to share the info- and to give step-by-step instructions on just how to cook it, too!


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