Mom’s Reaction To The Toilet-Papering Of Her House Reminds Us To Be Kids At Heart


If you’ve got kids, you likely go through a LOT of toilet paper; it’s simply part of raising a family. If you’ve got teens, however, you might find yourself gaining an unexpectedly large amount of toilet paper…. on your roof. In your trees. All over your car. Strewn across your entire lawn.


Yes, we’re talking about the good old-fashioned joy of TP-ing a house.

If you’re never had the silent glee of toileting-papering someone’s house, then you haven’t lived. It’s the closest that most of us will come to being a vigilante spy, basically. You scope out the victim’s lair, waiting until the cover of dark to strike.

You drape, toss and carpet every square foot of the house, cars & property that you can with as much toilet paper as you could gather. The act should be done in quiet to avoid detection… but let’s be honest, when you have a bunch of shrieky teenagers involved, it’s anything but quiet.

Granted it’s usually a lot more fun for the TP-ers than it is for the TP victim (or the TP’s victim’s entire family), but toilet-papering a house could almost be deemed a mischievous rite of passage.

One mom’s Facebook post has gone viral after she shared her response to discovering that her house had been toilet-papered, & thousands of fellow adults are applauding her appreciation for the joys of youth.

Aubrey Dupree Seymour of San Clemente, CA, woke to find her house “decorated” by an anonymous band of toilet-paper assassins. 

Photo Credit: Aubree Dupree Seymour (Facebook)

This is some A level toilet-papering; just look at the artistic draping on those branches. You have to toss the roll just right to get it to wind over a branch just right, so this group didn’t approach their task all willy-nilly. No, they cared. A lot. And they wanted to be really, really thorough.

I can’t imagine what Aubrey’s immediate reaction was when she first opened her front door the next morning, but her Facebook post clues us into her thoughts regarding her little Tp bandits:

To the kids that TP’d our house last night, I have a few choice words for you…

We’re ready, Aubrey- get ’em. Get ’em GOOD.


Wait… what?? Oh, she’s cool with this massive poop-paper party on her property?

You have given me faith that there are still youths that choose to go ABOVE and BEYOND. 

She’s not pissed, guys. In fact, she’s pretty damn amused by the spectacle! And she’s even giving them props for going above and beyond. As the saying goes, “go big or go home”- these were clearly some big-ass rolls of toilet paper. They went big on the TP-ing…. then they went home. Probably quickly.

One day I believe you will change the world with your DETERMINATION to be the best. 

These TP creepers were definitely the cream of the crop.

They worked hard, people. Much planning & effort were required to carry off such a successful sneak attack. Let’s not even dwell on how much money was needed to fund the toilet paper purchase- unless their parents unknowingly were deprived of their own household TP stock.

If that determination is channeled for good, the future will be shining brightly for these industrious youths.

But lest you think Aubrey is content to merely congratulate her paper pals on their clever caper & get to cleaning, think again:

I do have you on my ring and when I find out who you are…game on my friend.

Oh, snap! Aubrey’s coming for you, guys, & she’s bringing her A-game, too. She WILL FIND YOU, kiddos.

And when she does, well, let’s just say that she is bringing the big guns, because:

we too have a Costco size supply of TP.

That’s right, boys & girls. No cozy Charmin will be scattered around your home. When Aubrey gets her revenge, she’s coming prepared. And she’ll be blanketing your property with enough Costco TP for you to wipe your devious derrières for YEARS to come. 

To drive her amusement home, however, Aubrey also included some key hashtags to express her genuine reaction to the toilet-paper prank:


There are certainly two reactions one could have to finding such a “surprise” on their front lawn. Sure, it’s a massive mess. It would require time to clean up, and probably some sort of tall tool to clear the tree branches. A person could definitely be annoyed at the prospect of having to deal with this hassle, and grumpily chalk it up to “those damn kids”.

Or… we can try to recall what it felt like to BE the kids that were giddily embarking on such a fun, secret mission. 

In high school, our field hockey team used to toilet-paper each other’s houses before key games. It was a blast- a chaotic, hysterically delightful blast. There was the adrenaline rush of trying to do the decorating damage quickly- but quietly. We’d tiptoe across dark lawns, giggling endlessly as we tossed toilet paper upward, hoping to nail our targets. 

And if a dad happened to open the front door? The panicked sprints to the car were quite an effective pre-game workout.

It was fun. Good, clean fun. And it wasn’t done maliciously; in an odd way, toilet-papering someone’s house was an act of honor. You wanted your house toilet-papered, because it meant someone cared enough about you to do it (granted, your parents likely didn’t want your house toilet-papered, but #lifewithkids, right?)

Aubrey’s youthful, mischievous response to her equally mischievous TP-ers antics is a great reminder that it’s important to maintain our own youthful enthusiasm as much as possible.

If I lived anywhere near her, you can bet I’d volunteer to drive the getaway car for her Revenge TP Tour! And with over 320K likes and 117K shares since the post was shared on June 14, it’s apparent that other adults “#justwannahavefun”, too!


To the kids that TP’d our house last night, I have a few choice words for you…AMAZING job, you have given me faith…

Posted by Aubrey Dupree Seymour on Friday, June 14, 2019



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