9-Year-Old Filled Chapstick Tube With Cheese & Her Brilliant “Snack-Hack” Is Going Viral


Kids are obsessed with YouTube these days. If you’re the parent of a young kid, then you know how much they love watching YouTube, or devising ways to sneak onto devices to watch YouTube.


I don’t get the appeal of watching fellow kids un-boxing items on camera, but anyone under the age of 20 seems to love it.

And their obsession with watching others building intricate villages on Minecraft? Back in my day, we called this game LEGOS.

But YouTube can come in really handy sometimes- it also features all sorts of cool life hack videos for kids, too. And we can thank YouTube for inspiring a young girl to sneak the coolest.snack.ever into school.

A 9-year-old girl used an empty Chapstick tube as a decoy to sneak a cheese into class to snack on during her day, and it’s absolutely brilliant.

Photo Credit: Valerie Schremp-Hahn

Mom Valerie Schremp Hahn shared a picture of her daughter’s cheesy “snack-hack” on her Twitter account, & basically broke the Internet with it.

Hahn’s daughter was in the midst of a week of standardized-testing in school, & students were permitted to bring snacks.

However, this brilliant 9-year-old decided she needed a steady dab of dairy to get her through her exams, & crafted her own cheesy Chapstick.

Apparently her YouTube browsing was put to good use: after watching a similar life hack video made by the Troom Troom channel about sneaking snack into class, the girl was inspired to create her own version.

As she explained when interviewed by Buzzfeed, the goal was constant cheddar:

I just took some of my dad’s cheese, sliced it up, and put it in the chapstick container.

One cheddar Chapstick would be amazing enough, but when it comes to cheese, the rule is go big or go home…. so our little heroine made TWO.

Photo Credit: Valerie Schremp Hahn

The Chapsticks were “applied” throughout the day, with the 9-year-old’s friends being none-the-wiser that they were in the presence of true greatness.

While she could have kept her invention a best kept secret, the Internet is thrilled that cheesy Chapstick is now a thing. As its inventor told Buzzfeed:

At first I didn’t tell them and I was like licking the, quote, ‘cheese,’ and then I told them it was cheese and they just started laughing so hard.

Laugh hard, ladies. In fact, our clever inventor here might be laughing all the way to the bank one day, because if she starts selling “Cheesy Chapstick”, she’s bound to make MILLIONS.

And flavors!! Just like shades of lipstick, cheese Chapstick could totally be marketed in a variety of flavors. Golden Gouda Chapstick? Yes, please. Muenster-mash Chapstick? I’m all in. Goat cheese-Chapstick? Shut up and take all of my money.

(Get a patent, girl, and start making some serious cheddar!)

Based on the explosion of feedback on Valerie Schremp-Hahn’s Twitter post, the rest of the world is hankering for these delicious dairy dibbles, too.

Isn’t it, though??

Like Whitney Houston, I believe the children are our future. And the future is going to be awesome, because MORE CHEESE.

I KNOW, right? Cheese in travel-tubes should have been a thing long ago. Why wasn’t this a thing??

Let’s just hope that she doesn’t graduate to the hard-core stuff… like Roquefort. Or smelly-feet Provolone, because it’ll be hard concealing that smell in a tiny tube. 

(Seriously, get on that patent!) 

Caution: Bring enough to share. Or else.

Agreed. This is some next-level thinking. Wish I’d gone to school with kids this savvy.

Schremp-Hahn’s daughter’s hack is a definite winner; in merely three days, the tweeted pic has already earned over 67.9K likes and 8.5K shares.

While the Internet obviously adores cheese, it also loves celebrating child genius as well!




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