How can you miss your Olympic event?


The story of the Egyptian wrestlers missing and thereby forfeiting their matches because they showed up late is really quite depressing. Supposedly they were unaware that the events for that day were at a different time from all previous events. In a world fueled by smartphones, GPS and mobile apps, there is simply no excuse for such a costly mistake. Beyond that, where the hell were their coaches? Was no one paying attention to the schedule? If I were one of these unfortunate athletes, you better believe there would be some kind of body slamming going down. Someone would be wearing the podium.

Let this be a lesson to all of us. When competing at the Olympics, always check the schedule. Don’t rely on anyone else to do this for you and certainly, don’t assume. You must keep track of your own events, get your own meals, motivate yourself, warm-up alone, interpret other languages with the help of a pocket reference book, book your own travel there and back… don’t worry about competing. You’ll be able to squeeze that in with a clear head.

Shame on you Egyptian wrestling coaches. I blame you for this heartbreaking mishap.


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