How to Make Your Pet One of the Family


Your pet needs love, care, and attention – much like any human, including children. In fact, many people feel like their pets are adopted kids in and of themselves. Your pet depends on you, but more than that, your pet loves you. You owe it to them to do your best to make them truly feel like one of the family, and never like some additional mouth to feed.

A pet such as a dog can bring so much happiness to a household, and the steps outlined in this guide can ensure success. Whether you have a pet already, or are looking to get your very first one, these tips will help change your lifestyle for the better:

Get Everyone in Your Family on Board

If you want your pet to be truly one of the family, then you need to get everyone involved in the following:

1.    Training

Bring everyone to puppy training and ensure that the whole family is carrying through with the homework as often as possible. This way you make sure that your dog listens to the authority of everyone in the house and each family member can they feel like they are a part of the puppy’s life.

2.    Caring

Rather than try to share chores, split them up. One person can do the feeding in the morning, another during lunch, or when they get back from work or school. Someone else can walk the dog in the morning, another at night. Splitting up the care like this makes it easier to stay responsible and spend one-on-one time with the furry member of your family.

3.    Rules

Set some ground rules that everyone needs to follow. If you don’t want the dog on the couch, everyone needs to enforce this rule, otherwise it will be confusing and stressful for your pet.

Plan Family Days Out Once a Week with Your Dog

Family days out are a great way to bond and spend time together, but they aren’t really complete unless the whole family is there. The switch is easy. Instead of going to places that aren’t dog-friendly, head outside. There are so many great hiking places in the USA, and you are sure to have a great set of options no matter where you are.

A family day out means everyone will get some exercise in and you will benefit from the mind-calming effects that come with spending time outdoors.

Care for Their Mental and Emotional Health

Dogs get stressed and distraught just as humans do, only they can’t benefit from talking therapies. A great way to ensure that they are healthy and happy is by simply taking great care of them and spending time with them; but even in some cases, that won’t be enough. If they fell over and hurt themselves when you had to pull an emergency stop in your car, this could lead to ongoing anxiety for the rest of their life.

A great way to help them stay calm and healthy in such situations is with CBD treats from They’ll feel great, live better, and enjoy a tasty treat at the same time.

Help Them Stay Their Healthiest and Happiest

Finally, put money away to save for emergencies, schedule yearly vet visits, and buy medication like flea repellent to improve their health year-round. Only when they are at their healthiest, can they stay their happiest.




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