"I Have To Poop."


Please tell me I am not alone!!! Every time I ask my husband A.K.A The Business Manager, to help get the kids to bed, he has to poop. That wouldn’t bother me if it didn’t take 45 minutes for him to use the bathroom. Check out my latest video, “I Have To Poop” and share with someone who can relate. No one should be pooping for 45 minutes. Head over to Joy Of Mom and check out their Facebook page. I will be spending some time there 🙂 Follow on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.


  1. My husband does this and sometimes I literally feel tears in my eyes. I just need 10 minutes of your time to help me and you take a poop for an hour? It is so frustrating!

  2. Mine never did the pooping excuse. It was always “I work twelve hour shifts”. Even when I had a 2 and 4 year old and I was 9 months pregnant and could barely reach them in the tub.
    After a struggle, I’d ask him to come up and kiss them goodnight.
    “I work twelve hour shifts. Bring them down here!”

    But, then, I didn’t tolerate that patriarchal BS for long when he started getting abusive on top of being sexist.

  3. Yes! My honey does this all the time! He will say he helped get our daughter ready for school. Really? I packed her lunch, packed her snack, made her breakfast, woke her up, helped her with her hair all while he took a 45 min poop. He comes up and watches the last two minutes of Spongebob with her before the bus and he “helped her get ready”. Glad I’m not alone!! So annoying. I tell him to see a dr too. Lol

  4. This is so freaking funny because I thought my husband was the only one. I’m like, how convenient of him to have to “send an e-mail” or “have to poop” when I need help with our daughter. They are smart like f…

  5. After 17 years of marriage i finally got fed up. One day i literally screamed if you dont come out i am sending them in then proceeded to pick the lock to the bathroom. I am not proud but i did it for my sanity.

  6. I love you, you have a way of takeing everday life and bring it to a funny, hallarours way. I. Lost my husband in June 2016 i did not wont to go on because of 34 years we were very close. And thumbing through the internet i seen your youtube videos and George Carlin. It helped me laugh and not do what i was going to Thank keep it up I love it.


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