New Dad’s Hilarious Response To Wife’s Baby Care Instructions Goes Viral After He “Modifies” Her List


If you’re the default (aka “do all-the-things”) parent in your household, then you know how stressful it can be to leave things in the hands of your partner if you’re not going to be home. While you trust him or her, you also feel like they might not know the routine as well as you do…


So you leave a note. Or notes. Like, LOTS of notes.

Or a long, long list of detailed list of instructions covering the full gamut of each & every detail that your partner might need to know while you’re gone, right? Because after all, we’re here to help… whether our partner feels they need the help or not, apparently.

One husband’s hilarious response to his wife’s baby care instructions quickly went viral after he posted his, um, “modifications” to her list.

The wife’s baby care instructions is going viral after it was shared to Reddit.

The photo was originally posted on Reddit, with the title:

Photo Credit: u/agreatbigpileofshit (Reddit)

Ok, that sounds reasonable. A new mom is a little nervous to leave her baby, likely for the first time, and left instructions for her husband. While that certainly wouldn’t be newsworthy, it’s what newbie Dad did with her list that makes it noteworthy.

While the natural organizer/Mama Bear in me totally understands Newbie Mom’s list & her reason for leaving it, the English-teacher geek in me LOVES what Dad did with it!

He edited her list, correcting her grammar and inserting his own “revised” schedule of events. 


Photo Credit: u/agreatbigpileofshit (Reddit)

First of all, I agree- why is the “D” in diaper capitalized? Is it merely a typing error, or is this diaper a BIG important one??

Dad’s cheeky question of whether or not to “take the diaper back off” made me chuckle, because although the implication is obvious, I probably would’ve written that, too.

Just in case. 

As for the creams, it’s understandable that Mom explains the use of them, and differentiates them by label color.

Although the names of the medicated creams are of course on the bottles, I’d be lying if I wouldn’t assume he wouldn’t read them. I mean, I’m sure he would, but what if I assumed wrong, he applied the Nystatin to the rough skin spots and the hydrocortisone under the chin- is that allowed??

That could be a call to the pediatrician… better leave the name & number of the ped- oh, she did. Of course. At the top, in bold, 

I fell in love with Newbie Dad after reading his response to his wife’s instruction to “dress in warm onesie with feet”.

YES, totally. I always loathed the idea of my babies being cold, especially their feet. Moms care about this crap. But Dad’s wardrobe choice?

(Dress in):  “Whatever he looks awesome in.”

Nailed it, Newbie Dad. 

Feeding a newborn baby can be complicated business, especially when it comes to the freezing/thawing of breastmilk. That’s why Dad knows this is a BIG DEAL, & makes note of that:

Photo Credit: u/agreatbigpileofshit (Reddit)

(Did you pick up on the “to get it to your parents”? Maybe it’s just me, but when my husband was left with the kid(s), he always seemed to end up at his parents’ house. Just saying…)

It looks like Dad is staying over his parents’ house that night, but despite their help with the baby, he still managed to “edit” a key item on his wife’s list:

Photo Credit: u/agreatbigpileofshit (Reddit)


While Dad (and baby) might have survived Tuesday, keep in mind this was a two day venture with Mom away- so the list continues.

Photo Credit: u/agreatbigpileofshit (Reddit)

Not everyone has survived unscathed from Mom’s absence, unfortunately. RIP, fish. Maybe Mom should have included the feeding of the fish on Tuesday?

His “FAQs” section had me rolling, because it really illustrated the humorous reality of how having kids impacts a marriage.

While his wife left detailed instructions for baby’s care, what about Newbie Dad? How is HE supposed to survive without his wife steering the family ship?

Although many aspects of this list were funny, my favorite part is Newbie Dad’s “plans” for Friday, once his wife has returned home. Every single default parent probably saw this list coming, & if you didn’t, you’re not the default parent.

Recover from being a single dad.

Play Fallout 4.

Seek appreciation and praise from the wife.

watch Dragon ball Z.


Wherever Newbie Mom went for those two days, I sure hope it was restful, because it looks like she’s got a lot of work to do while Newbie Dad “recovers”. 

What’s awesome about this post is that is resonates with both new moms AND new dads.

Adapting to a new baby in the family is a big deal, & it can be challenging to figure out what our shifting responsibilities are in our new parenting roles. Newbie Mom did a great job ensuring that her husband knew what to do for their infant son.

But Newbie Dad also did a great job ensuring that Newbie Mom could see the humor in knowing that even if she wasn’t home to manage things, all would be still fine. 

Well, except the fish. RIP, fish.

This guy’s silly, lighthearted response to his wife’s list shows that as a new parent, a sense of humor is a welcome addition amidst the more stressful aspects of parenting.


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