There is no "Me" in Maternity Meghann Foye



Meghann Foye, here are the real perks of Maternity leave. Check out my rebuttal to Foye’s argument that women on maternity leave are on a journey to discover themselves and have some “Me” time. I can tell you Meghann, there is no “Me” in maternity. If you are on a mobile device, please click here to view.


  1. NO S***. Does this idiot Foy have any kids? On what planet does picking up the kids from school become equally valid to going out drinking and bi***ing w/ the girlfrinds? Me time? Ihaven’t had any Me time since my kid was born and she’s 15! I actually work night and weekends in nursing while trying to finish a PhD during the week. And I actually had it worked out so she could take the bus home and I could fit some work in between her leaving for school at 6:20 am (Yes I said 6:20 AM which means getting up at 5 AM every day) and getting home at 2:15. Then she had to have her knee rebuild and can’t take the bus in a wheelchair. So back to the old mom-as-driver routine. And those jerks out there who resent me or anyone else leaving On Time from a job to get the kids should remember 2 things: 1) I get more done in my work time b/c I know I have a hard deadline every day than anyone who can goof off over coffee half the day and just hang out a little longer after hours. We all know you’re not really working that hard – it just looks like it. and 2) When you do finally finish for the day, you’re actually DONE. We pick up the kids and then head home for job # 2, the round of clubs, sports, laundry, cooking and trying to keep the bathroom from becoming a biohazard zone b/c multiple people are in and out of there daily. Before passing out at 9 pm to do it all again the next day.
    So Foy, I’ll make a deal with you, you stop saying stupid crap like that and I’ll not restart the damn ‘mommy wars’ we’ve all tried so hard to move away from.


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